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I reckon that I can get a Lenz LE105XF and a Soundtraxx DSX and at least 1 1" speaker into a Proto 2000 PA1/E7!

Anyone done this already or am I completely mad?


-- Bill Flude (Bflude@tesco.net), March 02, 2000



I have bad news for you. YOU ARE completely mad!!!! :)

Seriously, you might be able to do so. I assume there is a feature of the Lenz that you badly want that the Soundtraxx DSD decoder does not offer.

See my web page for a Soundtraxx DSD installation as a place to start. I'll tell you what will be different. I use many DSX's - just not in the E7.


Both the DSD and the DSX units are thicker than the typical non-sound decoder. So I can gaurantee that about the only place you will be able to place the DSX will be in the cab as I did with the DSD. With luck, you won't have to hack up the interior cab details as much as I had to. Doing this, didn't bother me, but I could see where this may be what is driving you away from a DSD.

Here's the biggest reason why should you should consider using a DSD-150 or perhaps a DSD-050: You will have to use a smaller speaker and enclosure so the normal DCC decoder and speaker can go over the rear drive truck assembly. Diesels, especially, need all the bass a model can muster up. I HIGHLY recommend that you use the speaker I did in my write-up. It has the largest surface area, the longest throw - both important for good bass - and is the best sounding speaker I have tried. Also, not using a separate decoder means my speaker enclosure could be as big as possible and my coupling capacitor could be larger, too - all for the best bass possible out of a tiny sound system.

If your desire is to not hack up the cab detail as I did for a DSD-150, consider using a DSD-050. It's smaller. And the E7 is a good runner. A DSD-050 can probably run it.

If the Lenz decoder has a feature you want, I don't seen any major problem in using it. Some people glue the speaker over the back door of the E7. Others face it over one an window portal that doesn't have any "glass." I do have a few of tiny speakers. PBL has a few and Loy's Toys has some really thin ones. I also expect Dallee has some as well.

I hope this helps.

Should you have overriding reasons for using a separate de

-- Allan Gartner (bigboy@augustmail.com), March 03, 2000.

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