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I am a writer working on a motion picture screeplay loosely based on the life of my late uncle and his WWII experiences. He was stationed there, or worked for a private company building an airstrip just following WWII. He operated heavy equipment for a private company and made some extra income before returning home. I am not sure if he arrived on tour of duty, then the War officially ended just after arrival or not. I think the War ended and he took advantage of the opportunity to make some extra income by operating bull dozer for a private construction company. We have pictures of him in what appears a simple military barracks. My basic goal in Guam is to see what the island is actually like and try to imagine what it might have been like around 1946 or 1945 when my uncle was there. I have read that Agana was very heavily bombed during the War; so I imagine a reconstruction period lasting for many years. I must admit that while I am there I will have the temptation to do some simple snorkling; so I would be somewhat of a tourist, yet not actually. I hope to just rent a bicycle, eat from the basic grocery stores, see any WWII museums, and as anthropologists would say, simply gather empirical data, allowing my own observations by "being there" and the vital impact that inherently follows. Nothing is better than going there, is my basic belief. There is the very big "if" and whether or not I win this very competitive grant for travel and study. I feel that if I can find a very cheap not at all fancy room I will be happy. There is the possibility that I might not be able to include Guam on my world itinerary. The grant is for $5,000 and I must with my own meager savings make a tour of North Africa: Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt; and also the island of Malta, and on to France, Germany, England, hopefully Guam, and Mexico. TWA Airlines has a World Fare ticket that including airport tax could cost $3,000 US. I am a writer who basically subsists to support my writing habit; so I am going to have to find more of my odd job sources to pull together enough. Again, I must admit this is still all a big "if". I have won only one monetary grant before for $1,000. I have won what are called "residencies" places of solitude provided by various arts foundations for writers and artists to work in a serene setting. Money is the most competitive of all though -- ha! Any rates, other than the $285 a night that I found on the Web would be helpful. Really I saw some rooms for $58 a night; yet that is even too high. I will join the International Youth Hostel Association, however, Guam does not have any official IYHA hostels. I know there are independent sorts of hostels, such is the case on the island of Malta in the Meditterranean. I am applying for an arts grant, a travel and study sort of grant to follow the path of my main character. Sorry I must suddenly end this message as I am using a computer (rental) at my hometown library in northern Minnesota USA and someone is next on the rental list ha! Thanks for any advice! With Kindest Regards, Mike.

-- Michael W. Jensen (, March 02, 2000


Ten dollars makes me laugh... Sorry the tourist industry thrives on Japanese tourists as victims.. ummm... I mean INCOME! Yeah that's the ticket! So, rates reflect the costly world of Japan, but that doesn't mean that an economical solution can not be found... For instance: A guy named Jim Hunter, who is reknown for being a really cool guy that rents reliable cars on Guam at a great rate (He also has the the most beautiful woman on Guam delivering the cars, reason enough to rent, but "Down boy!", to a bachelor's dismay, she's married now) has opened a hotel. Before I left island last December, he was offering a combination deal (car & hotel room). I know this is late but good luck.

-- CJ Smith (, July 02, 2002.

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