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Treasure trove of dozens of articles on all aspects of population (one of the key elements of the 'dieoff' argument is "carrying capacity" issues). Whatever one thinks of NPG (I'm not stating any opinion), the collection of articles is valuable information as background knowledge for any position one might take on population issues.

NPG Forum

-- scott (, March 02, 2000


Very valuable find Scott. Thanks

-- Aldo (, March 02, 2000.

More good stuff, Scott. Not as much fun as the VHE (Voluntary Human Extinction) site, but a lot of good submittals, nonethelaess. And, after all, they are addressing the single most crucial issue.

Thanks again. I've got to start sending people over here.


"Any cause is a lost cause without a reduction in population." ---Paul Ehrlich

-- (, April 04, 2000.

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