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I find what Tabataba 'i states in Islam Is The Road To Happiness to be somewhat reasonable. I agree with his notion that men have no other aims in life but the pursuit of happiness and pleasure. Tabataba 'i hits it right on the nose when he states that the pursuit of happiness is in our own nature, inherent to us. Where I find Tabataba 'i unreasonable is his notion that Islam is the only road to happiness. Personally, I feel I am pursuing happiness just fine and I'm not Islamic. Who is Tabataba 'i to say that Islam is the ONLY road to happiness. The man is mortal, not a god, and has no justification in ruling out other methods for the pursuit of happiness.

What Chittister states is reasonable. What I like most about her article is it's based on a guide (which is optional), unlike Tabataba 'i. I enjoy her idea that work can be positive: it allows for connectedness and hospitality. I also appreciate the notion of obtaining a happy-median between workaholism and pseudocontemplation.

-- Anonymous, March 02, 2000

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