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I would like to know if Mr. Affleck Jr. was on something when he was a guest on The Tonight Show on Tuesday night. He said he "took pills to fly" that's cool, many people do. But it was as if he was still on them and I was glad to see Mr. "Chin" Leno call Casey on it. Could that interview have been any worse???? No, I don't think so. Casey, next time you wish to publicly embarass yourself, use a different forum please. By the way, your new movie with Neve Campbell looks awful. I hope you burned the wig.

-- Carly Cochran-Neilson (, March 02, 2000


Ohhhh.. How classy! I am glad it makes you feel good to insult one of the most talented rising actors in the industry today. First of all, let's stop this rumor before it even starts... Casey is not some kind of drug fiend. If you knew an inkling about him you would know that he is a very funny, sarcastic guy- but that he is still kind of getting used to being a "star" -which would make anyone nervous (jittery) and shy. I think it was extremely innappropriate for Jay Leno to call attention to something like that- even though he was just joking. Secondly, Casey did not publicly embarrass himself in ANY WAY. If you were being interviewed in front of millions of people LIVE worldwide- you wouldn't do much better. In fact, I would venture to say that you would most likely piss your pants- as would I. What makes me laugh is that people like you get on here and insult and make rude remarks about someone that is working his little ass off to make a living JUST LIKE YOU- and to do nothing more than entertain people. It's really unfortunate that there are unhappy, ungrateful people, such as yourself, in the world that cannot spot REAL talent when it is right SMACK in front of their faces.. This is his job, and he is damn good at it (especially for just getting started within the last 4/5 years), and if you have bad comments to make about him, why don't you keep them to yourself- because no one (especially here) wants to hear them.... PS... The blonde wig WAS pretty cheesy-- but, the movie "Drowning Mona" was hilarious!!! You may want to actually see the movie before attempting to criticize it. Just a thought. **Me**

-- **Me** (, March 20, 2000.

Listen buster! It is really cruel of you to insult Casey like that. And as for Drowning Mona....I love that movie and I think he looked great in the wig!! although he probably did want to burn it b/c it made him sweat and smell a he said in an interview...but Gosh, you don't have to be so jealous of a great actor! Dag Nabbit You need to calm down!!

-- Vicki jensen (, March 21, 2000.


-- *me* (, March 21, 2000.

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