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The title of Tabatabai's "Islam is the road to happiness" gives away what the main point of the essay is. He is saying that only if we follow the Islam religion, do we stand a chance of being happy. I however, I do not agree with this statement because I have never followed the Islam religion, indeed, I don't know anything about it, and I consider myself a happy person. I'm also sure that some people who do follow the religion are not happy with their live. He states that God created everything and planned its life. For example, he gives the story of a green tipped shoot being "aware" of its future existence as an ear of wheat. He claims that because the shoot knows what it is supposed to be, it takes up the required minerals to become the ear of wheat. Science has proven that this is not the case. A plant is not an intellectual being and the green shoot becomes the ear of wheat because of its genetic make-up. He compares this story to human life - if we follow the natural way, we will be happy. However, happiness can be lost in a second if, for example, a loved one dies. God does not spare the people of the Islam religion from losing loved ones and so they will, even if they follow the natural way, at one time or another in their life, be unhappy.

Joan Chittister in her essay "The Rule: A Book of Wisdom" claims that we are fragmented workaholics. I agree with this statement. A lot of emphasis in America is put on being the best and making the most money. Consequently, we all put in that extra effort to gain these titles. However, she also claims that because of this, we never truely find happiness. I think that some people are happy. Some people love their job, have a great social life, have good health, are respected by others, and have found happiness within their family. Does this not qualify them as happy? She states that the solution to our frantic lives is the Rule of Benedict. She says that it is not a rule, but a way of life. In modern language she quotes that it says if we are hospitable and feel something for everyone, then we will find happiness. I do agree with this but I think that there are other ways to be happy. You gain respect by doing these two things, but you could still be lonely and a lonely person is not always happy. Chittister also claims that by doing things we enjoy we connect with our spiritual side. I agree with this statement and think that doing such things could make you happy.

-- Anonymous, March 02, 2000

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