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Hi there preppers! In the last few months I have tried out all the rice dish recipes I have and would like to try something new. I stocked up well on rice because we like it in our house, but need something new to stir up the interest. Anyone care to contribute an idea?

-- Sammie (, March 02, 2000


Did a lot of living on rice and Ramen soups when I was on my ranch in texas. Got a couple of favorites for them both...

Rice: Cook up a halp pan in a 2qrt pan. Add about a cup an half more water as you cook and toss in some chunks of beef herat [if you can find it, not neccesary tho'.] As the water cooks out and the stuff firms up add some chopped [fresh] garlic, chapped fresh onion and chopped jalapenis and one can of tomato sauce...let it simmer till the meat is cooked or the rice is done. If you want after it's cooked add some pizza pepper flakes and some parmesan cheese or/and any other cheeses you might like.

Another for rice is same amount as before but only add the parmesan and some jalapeno juice or pizza pepper. {I worked for Pizza Hut and ended up with a lot of those packages of both. };-)

The Ramen soups can be cooked the same way and the benefit is you don't need to use the flavoring package- save and use on potatoes or if it's chicken flavoring add to a chicken dish while cooking...lots of MSG to add to flavor! ~G~ [Hey, at 380 calories a package there HAS to be a drawback!]

-- Satanta (, March 02, 2000.

Have you tried rice as a breakfast food? Cooked rice with milk and honey, or brown sugar with chopped walnuts. Very good.

Then rice is wonderful as dessert too. Cooked rice, mix with cool whip or real whipped cream, add drained crushed pineapple and marachino cherries. Top with nuts. (Great dessert for summer when you have a lighter entre.)

-- Maureen (Maureen@Peace.con), March 02, 2000. have any more of those rice dessert recipes? Other than rice pudding? Thanks...Taz

-- Taz (, March 02, 2000.

Hey, hard to go past the many versions of nasi goreng. Another favourite (particularly for left over rice) is pour on milk, add sugar, a teaspoon of rosewater per bowl and sprinkle with cinnamon. Middle easternish and very yum.

-- Perilous Pauline from Australia (, March 02, 2000.

Take it easy on the rice and other carbohydrates.

page 22 Let's eat right to keep fit by Adelle Davis a similar study was made at Harvard University by Dr Thorn and co- workers who determined blood sugar levels for six hours after meals high in carbohydrates (sugar and starch), fat or protein. A high-carbohydrate breakfast consisted of orange juice, bacon, toast, jelly, a packaged cereal and coffee, both with sugar and milk. The blood sugar rose rapidly but fell to an extremely low level, causing fatigue and inefficiency. A packaged cereal eaten only with whipping cream for the high-fat breakfast, after which the blood sugar inceased slightly, then remained at the fasting level throughout the morning. The high protein meal consisted of skim milk, lean ground beeef, and cottage cheese; the blood sugar rose to the high level of 120 milligrams and remained there throughout the entire following six hours. To determine the effects of differnet types of food on energy production, metabolism tests were taken at fcrequent intervals. The metabolism, or energy production, increased only slightly after the meals high in fat or carbohydrate. After the high-protein meal, however , the metabolism rose more quickly than did the blood sugar and stayed high throughout the entire six hour study period.

p 23 sugar, cereals, hotcakes fruit, fruit juice quickly changes to sugar during digestion . in mminutes blood sugar may increase from 80 to 155 milligrams...stimulates pancreas to pour forth insulin ; the insulkin in turn causes the liver and muscles to withdrw sugar and store it as as a from of sugar, or glycogen or change it into fat, thus preventing it being lost in urine . The tremendous amouts of sugar defeat the purpose for which sugar is needed -- to produce enegy eficiently. Too much sugar is withdrawn due to the oversupply of insulin; the result, ironically, is fatigue p 24 in studies mentioned, efficiency for three hours was produced by only 22 grams or more of protein. Meals furnishing 55 grams protein sustained a high level of energy and a high metabolism for six hours afterward.

-- Vlad (, March 02, 2000.

Similar to Maureen's rice favorite, I cook my breakfast rice in milk, then add brown sugar and either cinnamon or nutmeg. Both are delicious. Sometimes, I just top the above rice with strawberries, frozen or fresh (sweetened.) Yummy! (Not using the spices, of course.)

Also, Spanish rice is very good.....I fry cut-up bacon, remove the bacon, and fry your onions and peppers in the onion fat. Then, add your uncooked rice, canned tomatoes, a touch of sugar and salt, and the bacon pieces. Cook until tender, stirring frequently.

-- Jo Ann (, March 02, 2000.

Some really great ideas here. Never thought much about rice for breakfast or dessert (except rice crispies). Will now do some new experimenting and revive the flagging interest in rice. Mainly because I bought the stuff because you (my family) said you liked it, now eat and enjoy or else! ;-)

Now, about all those beans..........

-- Sammie (, March 03, 2000.

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