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would it possible to show how to calculate q(rev) for #26? this is what i did ... 1L@5atm --> 2L@5/2atm ... 5/2atm(2L-1L)*101.3 j/Latm ... and that was the wrong answer.

-- Anonymous, March 01, 2000


P1V1=P2V2; at const temp and mols

P2=2.5atm; when gas expands exothermically against no pressure (ie from 5atm to 2.5atm) dE=w=q=0

T=(P*V)/(n*R)=61K (doesn't matter which P,V you use and long as it P1V1 or P2V2

dE=wrev+qrev=n*R*T*ln(V2/V1)= 350J

-- Anonymous, March 01, 2000

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