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Sysops, since the spam is coming from different IP's, would it be possible to post a summary of incidents within the last sixty-two days with dates of occurence and IP's or origin? I respect the assesment of the Founding Fathers respecting the provenance of the problem, but since roll over the Forum has headed into some deep waters and I want to take a look at the postings occurring within the event windows. Just curious, not a conspiracy freak but a nice bit of work for me to fill in the quiet spaces over the week-end if it doesn't add to your obvious burdens. If it's too much trouble, ignore request. Thanks for your patience and for keeping us going. mike

-- mike in houston (, March 01, 2000


If you see any ties among HAARP transmissions, recent shootings, and LL going off his/her meds, let Jeff Reese ("Sightings") know.

-- (, March 01, 2000.

Doesn't anyone know a good reliable HACKER?

Just wondering........

-- Tommy Rogers (Been there@Just a, March 01, 2000.

This 'woman?' is obviously psychopathic. Everyone she comes in contact with, at least cyber wise we know, eventually ends up offending her to the point where she goes so far as to make death threats.

Is there any difference between her and that poor kid who, in a stupid naive moment, made the death threat to the Columbine student?

She is doing this consistently and if the sysops succeed in permanently banning her, where might she direct her murderous tendencies? Oh well, they(our guv,whoever) will just wait till it happens.

I disagree on one thing or another, at one time or another with every poster here. But, if I didn't like the forum and it made me that crazy I would simply leave, not try to shut you down. To each his own. LL could be a loaded weapon, and if she finally goes off IRL they will probably blame this forum. Think about it!

-- canthappen (, March 01, 2000.

Forgot to ask: Is anyone aware of other boards she spams like this one? I saw her ravings weeks ago on Debonkers, but it wasn't spamming like this.

-- canthappen (, March 01, 2000.

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