Wanna come to a POPnet party?

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Wow, you're so agreeable!! :) :)

Okay, I can't stand the indecision any longer, I'm throwing a party at my house and inviting all of you. I'm still subsisting on leftover beer from my last party a few months ago, but it will soon be time to restock...

Some sort of dinner will be served; please tell me if you are a vegetarian. Some beverages and snacks provided but go ahead and bring your favorites. Several Ethernet outlets available for Internet access (card carrying addicts only). Crash space is available; guest bedrooms are first-come first-serve, couches are easy. I'll still respect you in the morning, but I probably won't make you breakfast. :)

Location is off of St. Mary's Road in Lafayette. My phone number is 510-459-6477, or you can e-mail me. If you'd rather not RSVP because you want to surprise us, you should still call/email for directions, but pretend you're someone else. And the time is....

*** SATURDAY, APRIL 29, 2000 -- 6:00 PM UNTIL WHENEVER ***

-- Ivan Cooper (stingray@2xtreme.net), March 01, 2000


Jeeze... the boards are dead....


-- Kurt Schultz (thipdar@ynn.com), June 20, 2000.

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