Bump in the Road Chapter 4

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Bump In the Road Chapter 4 March 1, 2000 For Educational and Entertainment Use Only

OK folks, no more beating around the Bush, this World is headed for a major Energy Crisis and Global weather callamity. Did you know that there have been many Inventions that would make Gasoline Obsolete..? How about those 100mpg carburetors that were said reported out in the 70s , yes they do exist, can you guess why they havent been implemented..? What about that Guy who can easily take normal tap water and separate the hydrogen from oxygen using high voltage/low power at the resonate frequency of the water molecules breaking them into the basic elements. This also exists also and works great. What comes out of the tail pipe you ask, just water. These Inventions and many more like them have been pushed along the way side by Big Business.

The Earth is Dying due to pollution and the negative thoughts and actions of the human race, shes ticked and taken matters into her own hands. Just look at whats been happening around the world recently., freak high powered tornados, wind storms, excessive rain, drought, seasons out of sync, earth quakes and soon, volcanoesthis only the start my friends and if something doesnt change, Mother Earth will do it for us.

Gasoline powered vehicles: This is technology from the 1800s and was needed until man came up with better idea, they came but were withheld due to Greed. A wise man once said, When the need is Greatest the Answer will Come, in our case Y2K may the final blow that sends man into the right direction concerning proper use of natural resources. The world cant take much more pollution and these Inventions would due the trick.

As far as all those Plane issues, let me put it this way, if you compare the Suns Electromagnetic pulses with plane incidents you can see a direct connection. The rudder control system is on long copper wires which are picking up the magnetic pulses from the Sun, kinda like an antenna, these pulses confuse the computer guidance system and result in many different failures. Also, the effect on the circuit chips accumulates and may not show up at first but later down the road. They should use Fiber Optics to isolate these long control cables, or apply extra shielding. Issues with Y2K may also have some effect but well never know will we..?

We seem to be having all these pipe line issues, got the answer for that one too, same theory. Pipes are like long wires with many joints. The electro-magnetic pulses from the Sun are causing current flow in the pipes and the older joints cannot hold up creating weakened and failed unions. Also, in some cases the ground is moving, quartz crystals vibrate when voltage is applied and so do quartz rocks, sand, ect. Y2K may also be a factor but we will never know this either, all that is important is that we take a careful look at whats happening.

As a Computer Field Engineer Im seeing the same things, a lot a normal type failures within 2 to 3 days of active Sun Variations, seems like the high density low power electronics are easy pray for the electro-magnetic pulses from the Sun. The lack of ozone also a factor for these rays being so strong. If man does not learn to live at peace in this world soon, Mother Earth will bring us together through weather disturbances, plate movements, and whatever ways she decides. If things get really tough concerning energy, these alternate power technologys will become reality, one way or another. I feel the world will turn out just fine after the changes have taken place, till then, keep praying. Hi ECHELON 


-- Whitecloud (redman@biglake.net), March 01, 2000


The bible says "the earth will wear out like a garment". The knees go, the elbows, seams start to fray, buttons fall off, finally it is in shreds. The Lord is going to create a new heaven and a new earth one of these days. No greed, no sin, it'll be so nice and fresh and clean. Hope you know Jesus Christ as your savior.

-- carolyn (carolyn@luv.myhub), March 01, 2000.


Humanity tends to demonstrate slow learner syndrome and doesnt shift until the pain is too great.

Sad. And a waste of energy, but its often how people choose to learn their lifes lessons.

Many bumps. Few smooth roads.


Great Spirit/The Divine has sent many teachers. Relying on only one would be a limitation of ALL-That-Is.

Nest-ce pas?

Humans do have a hard time with unlimited, out-of-the-box, thinking. Many paths leads up a mountain. 'Tis "obvious" with a bit of open observation.

Wisdom is a "learned" thing. Or not.


-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), March 01, 2000.

Whitecloud, let's get a little realism in here.

WEATHER: weather is changing, by nature. People have gotten used to the idea that "average" weather exists, while in reality that is a numerical construction. (Some people even label rain "bad weather".) We have tried to modify weather (silver iodine seeding) but nature rules. Our life is too short and our data and memory do not go back far enough to KNOW what WE did and what nature did by itself. We look at it, we model it, and then claim to understand it. Until a volcano erupts and creates world wide pollution. Then we look again, we model again, and then claim to understand it. (The worst miss in that regard was the prediction of what the burning oil wells in Kuwait would do to world temperatures.)

HYDROGEN: Laws of physics always help. Every chemical reaction has a an energy component (endotherm/exotherm.) I am not saying it doesn't work, I just say it isn't free to get and store. In general, alternate energy requires that we build the machinery first, and that process consumes energy.

ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSES: pardon me, "pulses"? There is nothing new under the sun that hasn't occurred before.

Our main fault is not to ignore the obvious solutions (because there aren't any, inspite of what you claim). Our main fault is ignorance and arrogance. Ignorance about the creation, and arrogance about what is acceptable.

As you type into your PC, consider how much energy it has cost to make it (you don't think that it fell from heaven?), and where it will end up ultimately. Should you therefore have abstained from buying one in the first place?

-- W (me@home.now), March 01, 2000.

Whitecloud, I've noticed the same things here also, this is the best answer yet.

Mr. W who wrote above, what planet are you from? did you not read the hard to dispute facts, or did you just skim over the story for a cheap flame job.

-- Insider (Insider@plant.com), March 01, 2000.


The surface of a lake shows an image of the sky. You can't learn much about the lake from it. The fish in the lake has no idea what an SUV is. It also has no idea what a "flame" is.

-- W (me@home.now), March 01, 2000.


This one is the best of the chapters,so far. Your post was very interesting.

With the higher amounts of electro-magnetic pulses from the sun, would this be the possible cause of the recent eruptions of the volcano's? From what I understand, before an earthquake, electro- magnetic pulses/sound waves are detected and thus could give some degree of warning. Again with the higher amounts of electro-magnetic energy, would we not see an increase also in earthquakes in the near future?

A volcanic eruption and earthquakes are but a release of built up energy.

-- Maggie (song bird@iwon.com), March 02, 2000.

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