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In one part of the story we are told that the knife that Tom stole was stolen from him. How did he get the knife back at the end to kill his uncle? Was Roxie the one who stole the knife from him and later gave it to him. Somewhere along the line I missed this detail.

-- Anonymous, March 01, 2000


Wilson and the twins made it impossible for the knife to ever be sold. Roxy advised Tom to use the money from the stolen goods to pay his creditors interest on what he owed until he could come up with the entire amount. He took off for St. Louis with his bag of loot, but the knife couldn't have been among the other items because to sell it would have meant surely getting caught. He never took the knife along, so it wasn't stolen. He'd squirrelled it away in his room.

-- Anonymous, March 02, 2000

We are not told that the knife was in Tom's possession during the robery. We are just told taht he was robbed at night on the boat, but that the items were pretty much just miscellaneous things in a bag that he had along. The knife wasn't mentioined.

-- Anonymous, June 07, 2000

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