Will Al Gore and Hillary (VP) be our next rulers?

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Many people believed that the Clintons would have trashed the Constitution and became dictators if y2k had actually been a doom and gloom scenario on Jan 1, 2000. They still have their chance! Near as I can figure it, the way things stack up now, our next Prez and VP will be Gore and Hillary. Here is my opinion of the players in our next Prez election and how I think it will turn out:

McCain - The mere fact that this guy is favored by the media is reason for me NOT to trust this guy at anything. There is no real difference between this guy and any Dem that is up front. A major thing that bothers me is that McCain is anti-MIA/KIA/POW. He puts down any issue that helps the families that had losses in the Vietnam war. To me this is a major contradiction - McCain himself having been a POW should cause him to favor those families. The country that tortured him for years, the Vietnamese, is the same country he wanted to normalize relations with - he was Clintons front man for that. (Vern, if anyone at all responds to this, I know you will. Considering that your posts are usually very civil, please offer your thoughts)

Bush - Personally, I dont like him but will probably wind up voting for him anyway. Of the four front runners (Bush, McCain, Bradley, Gore), I think he is most trustworthy and for pro-American values. He stands for the things I stand for, is hated by the media and has no quirks like McCain.

Dole - If Bush gets the nomination, and selects Dole as his VP, then he stands an excellent chance of getting in the White House. Dole is well suited for the job, if Bush died in office, I think Dole could handle the office quite well. She's experienced and she is honest. Most Americans realize a major difference between Dole and Hillary - the only thing Hillary is experienced at is being a self centered socialistic manipulating person that is just as incapable of telling the truth as Bill.

Bradley - This guy is another Carter. Carter was honest. I dont think he ever did anything secretive or illegal or blatantly lied to the people. Carter gets an A+ for character. But Carter was a liberal and had his own sense of American values that were contrary to American interests. He gave away the Panama Canal that the Chinese are now enjoying and he was so weak in foreign policy in that the Iranians made a joke of us over the embassy hostage crisis. So I see more of the same from Bradley - plus Bradley wants to plunge us deeper into socialism with his health care ideology. He thinks the Fed Gov. should pay for all health care, which translates into higher and higher taxes for middle Americans. This means instead of the average tax payer paying for their own health, they will also be paying for those who choose not to work. In effect, the part of our taxes going to health will likely double or triple. Then once health care is federalized, the quality of our medical service will go down fast. We will not have a choice of doctors and the doctors will not have choices as to what to do to treat us - it will all have to be approved by some Gov. agency - an agency filled with socialists more concerned about their retirement and what they can reap from the system than they are their job.

Gore - Gore is another 8 years of Clinton. Maybe Gore was once an honest person with values more closely related to America. But he has been Clintonized. I think now he is nothing but a pawn for the Clintons and no matter what he thinks for himself, he will still do what the Clintons want. Hillary's goal is to get elected to the senate so she can get experience and more press coverage which would set her up for the White House after Gore's 4 or 8 years are up. This is the only way the Clintons can continue to control the White House short of dissolving the Constitution. So, their plan: 8 years of a Clintonized Gore, then 8 years of Hillary - or: this could be what they want the public to think, remember, the Clinton's are not stupid - they are excellent stategists. I feel certain that Gore has been pre-selected for the Dem nomination.

Hillary - She is a VP candidate this year. Why? Two reasons (1) Hillary will be the first ELECTED woman in the White House, even if it is only the VP position. She will not be outdone by Dole. To have another woman precede her into the White House would be a fate worse than losing the Senate race. and (2) Because she is not having success in New York. The media paints her as the best and doing very well. Fact is, she is not. As liberal as New York is, I dont think the New Yorkers will stand for her. The New York Dem party hates her and will likely conspire against her. The New York Dems are controlled by people like Cuomo, and they will not give up power to an outsider. So Hillary will bow out of the NY senate race before the nomination is decided. Gore will get the Dem Prez nomination. And then Gore will be told to select Hillary as his VP. From then on Hillary will tell Gore what to do. Period.

Keyes - Keys is the best choice. He is totally pro-American, he is honest and he is intelligent. Problem here is whites will not vote for him because he is black and blacks will not vote for him because he is conservative. The media hates him. It is so sad to say that this guy never stood a chance from day one. Even if Bush selects him as VP, Keyes would likely cause Bush to lose.

The a Prez race: Bush/Dole(R) Vs Gore/Clinton(D) Vs Buchanan and Perot attached to whatever parties and VP's they can manage.

As it stands right now that is how I see it - a four way race. The Clintons are so egotistical and power-hungry that they are delusional in thinking Hillary would actually help Gore. No one in the Dem party has guts enough to stand up to the Clintons and will allow this to happen. Fact is, Hillary would be Gore's anchor and weight him down to the point of losing. The Republican party is not united and as in the past any third or fourth party will draw away from them. That is how Clinton got elected twice and the Dems know it. So with Bush losing votes to third parties because of dis-unity and with Gore losing votes to third parties because of Hillary - its really up for grabs - maybe favoring Bush.

The Chinese - Yes, in my opinion the Chinese (PRC) are big players here too. China has openly stated they are ready to invade Taiwan and use missiles against us if we help. China knows Bill will do nothing to help Taiwan anyway, so the Chinese best time for the invasion is before the election. I suspect it would only take the PRC about 1 or two months to have Taiwan painted blood red in their control - so the PRC could wait as long as Sept before they act. What will happen then is Gore would certainly lose the election as the American people will finally be awake and Bush would be set up to win by probably the biggest landslide ever. The Clintons would realize this and will prevent the landslide by going to Taiwans rescue with what little we have left of our military. We will nearly lose that war, and Clinton will then finally have his opportunity to throw out the Constitution and be a dictator as his hero FDR did in W.W.II. The major differernce is that the American public will not stand for it so martial law will be used to control the population and maintain power.

Y2K - So, what y2k could not give the Clintons, the Chinese will - power for life.

-- Jake (j3cubed@hotmail.com), March 01, 2000


Hmm, yes it could play out that way, and knowing how power-mad Klintoon is, we must be prepared for it. I hope your wrong, but....

-- Crono (Crono@timesend.com), March 01, 2000.

My dear Jake,

Sir I intend to vote for keys, my lady says she will vote for Keys. My three sons tell me the same. Oh! Yes, And I am at least part white man (the rest Cherokee). Tis better to vote for what one thinks is Right! And loose!

Then vote for a "winner", one believes is wrong for the job; or not vote at all.

"As for me...I shall finish the Game"!


-- Shakey (in_a_bunker@forty.feet), March 01, 2000.

Carter was honest?

Tell me another one!

I watched that bastard give a speech on the deck of an aircraft carrier saying that it was a disgrace that the servicemen didn't receive an income they could live on, and he was going to do something about it. They all cheered.

He then got on a helicopter and flew to shore, where he gave ANOTHER speech. This time (we're talking an hour or two after the first speech), he said that if anyone tried to submit any legislation to increase military wages, he would veto it. They all cheered.

He was Clinton .99 Beta. He told everyone what they wanted to hear, and didn't care if he contradicted himself. Isn't that what being a good liar is all about?

-- Charles Underwood Farley (chuck@u.farley), March 01, 2000.

Jake: Wow... I never thought of that possibility (Hillary running for V.P.). I have been wondering how this might all fit together. Very interesting scenario!

-- DannyBoy (DannyBoy@neverthoughtof.it), March 01, 2000.

You left out two things.

1. After Gore is elected and Hillary VP, Gore gets whacked and Hillary becomes Prez. A very likely scenario.

2. If you had any smarts, you would vote Libertarian. The Libertarian Party or Howard Phillips party are the only chance America has.

Bush is not "trustworthy." His whole family is corrupt, including smuggling drugs in from South America.

America has got to wake up to the fact that a political class has evolved and they do not have your best interest at heart. I always astounds me at how short-sighted and brain-washed the whole country is.

-- David (champeaudavid@yahoo.com), March 01, 2000.

jake, i agree with you mostly, but bush (dad & son) are in love with china just as much if not more than clinton.I dont think there are any good choices out there, but i think mccain is the only one who will stand up to china. and i think that will be one of the biggest facors facing america in the next 4 years.

-- just (me@home.com), March 01, 2000.


Your statement: "1. After Gore is elected and Hillary VP, Gore gets whacked and Hillary becomes Prez. A very likely scenario."

That is scary but ever so possible. If anyone has the ability to pull it off, I would say our current Beltway Crowd crowd could do it. And how the press would help them spin it.

-- Jake (j3cubed@hotmail.com), March 01, 2000.

I seriously doubt that Al Bore would mean another 8 years of Clinton.

He's much further to the left than pinocchio-nose and is quite serious about doing away with internal combustion engines and implementing the carbon tax/Kyoto protocols which would quickly cause our remaining American factories to flee this country.

No, I fear that Mr. Bore would fully implement a very strange and wacky socialist agenda which the Clintons have only partially begun.

-- Defeat (AlBoreAtAll@Costs.com), March 01, 2000.

Vote your heart and logic. Let the chips fall wherever. The national parties deserve no one's support, they are both the parties of paid lobbyists and internationalists. If we get a full blown dictatorship, then if you value freedom you fight. That's it. You fight.

This fooling around thinking the dems or repubs are "for" America or the "people" is horse hockey. It's time for some serious changes, in fact, it's over due. Wait 4 or 8 more years, and if technology increases at the rate it's going, the surveillance and control tech available will be so effective and miniaturized and coordinated into super computers that absolute control will be a certainty. The goons are working on a flying, mobile camera as big as a housefly RIGHT NOW. They have working biochips RIGHT NOW. Money is almost entirely electronic-and tracked-right now. If this stuff isn't "doomer" I don't know anything that is. There's a half dozen companies right now that control the bulk of our food, our FOOD for pity sake. This is serious stuff. Anyone think ECHELON is some sort of JOKE? Like you, me, everyone can't be screwed royally? How can there be any resistance when you can wake up one day, all your money is gone from your account, you got nasty files hidden on your hard drive to "find" during a search, and for some reason, your license has mysteriously expired and the irs goons claim they have evidence you laundered money right here in some vague documents? Gonna fight that crap, or vote for some party hack who's part of that scene that's going on RIGHT NOW? Think it can't or doesn't happen already? What does anyone think happened to all those new fresh republican reps in the first repub revolution? Notice how all the rhetoric changed, the voting patterns changed, the revolution sorta fizzled out? Well, it's called BLACKMAIL. This dictatorship is really starting to play some hardball, they got real money and real power, and continual voting for the same tired old bozos just goes to give them some sort of legitimacy.

So, not for me, not voting for any of those dudes, zero of those party faithful "front runners". Can't even tell any "lesser of evils". They all look like david ickes lizards. Geeez. Not voting bored, not shrubya, not shrillary, not bradley the freak, nor mcweird. Nope.

-- votefor (whoyou@believe.in.always), March 01, 2000.

One problem with your scenario. Hillary is already president. It is just that Bill is her mouthpiece. So how would it be any different if Hillary is the so called V.P. and Al Gore is "president." Hillary tells him what to do, he says the words, and Hillary will go down in history as the longest sitting president in U.S. history. By the way, we don't have to wonder what it would be like to have a woman president since it is very obvious who is running this country.

-- Richard Markland (newsman@bright.net), March 02, 2000.

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