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The song the 1 i love is that meaning that micheal or a group member is missing a person when they tour or missing the chance to be with someone special? Thax Ste W



The song, "The One I Love", is the ultimate Anti-love song, which is not about longing after someone after they've gone, or the relationship has broken up, But it's about someone saying, "I never respected you, you never meant anything to me - just a means of passing the time. And thats all I think of you and people like you" Thats why michael sings, "...A simple prop to occupy my time.." and in the 2nd verse, "...Another prop has occupied my time..." It's about going from one meaningless relationship to another.

-- phon. (, March 01, 2000.

He is singing about and to a prop.

-- COLLEEN ASLING (, March 02, 2000.

I Looked For It And I Found It....

"I've been announcing at shows that I wrote it to myself, because its such an incredibly violent song, perhaps the most violent song I've written. It's very brutal. I almost didn't want to put it on the record. I thought it was too much. 'Harbourcoat' and 'Laughing' were violent and brutal, but they're both so internal and folded in on themselves that no-one would ever pick up on that except as a general gut feeling. 'The One I Love' is lyrically very straight-forward. It's very clear that it's about using people over and over again. I think thats probably a sentiment everyone has felt at one time or another, so you can apply it to yourself. But it's not an attractive quality."

Michael Stipe to 'Musician' jan'88

Hope it answers your Q. Steve!


-- Phons. (, April 04, 2000.

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