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I do purchase stuff on the internet. I bought a book from Microsoft Press in January, got the auto responder message then, got the book, paid the bill. Today, Microsoft reentered my order... I will not pay twice even if they ship me two books...

Y2K, it is not just for breakfast any more....

Text of the autoresponder follows.


Subject: SoftChoice Confirmation:XXXXXXXXX Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 16:21:54 -0800 From: To:

Thank you for your order from SoftChoice.

If you have any questions about this order, please contact our Customer Service Center at 1-800-268-7638 or

Thank you for shopping at SoftChoice!

** This email was generated by an auto responder. ** Please do not reply to this email. ************************************** Ship to: XXXXXX XXXXXX, Inc. XXXXXX San Jose CA


Telephone: 408-XXX-XXXX

Ship Date: 01/11/00

Ship Carrier: ASAP

_______________________________________________________ Your Order Details:

------------------------------------------------------- 1 Microsoft. Office 2000/Visual Basic. Programmer's Guide ($33.90 each)


--------- TOTAL CHARGE: $46.70

____________________________________ SoftChoice Books - MS Reseller

-- Helium (, February 29, 2000


I find Amazon and Barnes and Noble to be the best online booksellers for good prices and good service. Don't own either stock.

-- Imso (, March 01, 2000.

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