Leap Year Forest Service glitch

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Local radio from Eugene OR reported that the
Forest Service reports that computer files
are inaccessible since this morning. They
think it might be Leap Day related.

-- spider (spider0@usa.net), February 29, 2000


Could be. Timing is .... shall we say, suggestive.

Hey, Spider -- are you in You-jean? Have you ever had occassion to meet some of those more "radical" environmentalists? Speaking in particular of one that goes by the name of FRODO and spent 6-7 months last winter tree-sitting in an old growth stand of WR Cedar. He appeared as a guest on (shhh) Art Bell once, and I spoke to him thereafter, but never followed through on plans to meet him @ Out of the Fog Cafe ......



-- Squirrel Hunter (nuts@upina.cellrelaytower), February 29, 2000.

SH no but I can pick up KLCC

-- spider (spider0@usa.net), March 01, 2000.

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