OT: The timebombs of Tomsk

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-- Homer Beanfang (Bats@inbellfry.com), February 29, 2000


A major "accident" could sure look like one of the plagues found in the book of Revelation...

-- Mad Monk (madmonk@hawaiian.net), February 29, 2000.

Homer, as of midnight last night (EST), the link didn't work.

What was the story about?

-- redeye in ohio (not@work.com), March 01, 2000.


Try this link:

http://www.economist.com/3kW6n2nk/editorial/freefora ll/current/index_sa6372.html

-- Homer Beanfang (Bats@inbellfry.com), March 01, 2000.


Link worked fine, and thank you.

After reading the Economist article, I almost wish it didn't. Good gawd! Situation ranks right up there with what we've read of their CB weapons experimental, storage and disposal areas.

-- redeye in ohio (not@work.com), March 01, 2000.

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