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This is not a questions is a petition:

After, I read all the advice of the forum. I decided to write a question to ATI. The respond from them it is the following:

3rd Party Software: MICROSOFT WINDOWS 98 Adaptec Easy CD Creator Deluxe

PROBLEM DETAILS: The following message occurs when trying to ADD an MPEG file (previously captured using the ATI Multimedia Center 6.00) to a VIDEO CD project in ADAPTEC's VIDEO CD CREATOR software.

The message window is titled: " VCD CREATOR".

The message states: "Cannot add to VCD layout: File is an unknown or unsupported format."

This symptom may also appear with other CD recording software, such as Nero Burning-ROM.

STEPS: On a system with an AIW 128, Windows 98, Multimedia Center 6.00, and Easy CD Creator DELUXE 3.5 installed

- launch CD creator .

- choose new vcd layout

- brings up video cd creator wizard.

- Click next.

- Asks create video cd with simple video sequence or with 1 level menu structure .

- Pick either. Say next.

- asks "adding play items"

- press add button.

- gives a windows titled "add play items" This is a standard looking windows file selection window.

- highlight a ATI created file & choose open.

! gives window titlled " VCD CREATOR" Cannot add to VCD layout: File is an unknown or unsupported format. "

MORE: XING MPEG ENCODER will convert AVI and MPEG files to a WHITE BOOK format that is accepted by VIDEO CD CREATOR. An evaluation copy of this encoder is available for download, "http://www.xingtech.com/"

Video CD Creator expects and describes WHITE BOOK Mpeg files. Even though (in Multimedia Center) the MPEG1 Capture settings are selected to match WHITE BOOK requirements, none of the resulting captured MPEG clips are accepted by VIDEO CD CREATOR.

Following is an example of the MPEG1 capture settings.

1] Launch the ATI Multimedia Center TV mode. 2] Click on the ATI Setup button in the lower right hand corner. 3] Click on the Digital VCR TAB and click on the SET button beside the Custom option. 4] At the custom Settings Window ensure that : a] file format = MPEG-1 b] dimensions=CIF NTSC (352x240) 5] Click on the MPEG Settings button. Note the settings found on this window do not have to be changed. 6] Click NEXT and ensure the following: a] your bit rate is 11519291 or lower motion estimation does not have to be altered. 7] Click NEXT and change to the "Component" options. You may also wish to try NTSC as well. 8] Click NEXT and ensure the following: a] Audio mode=Stereo b] Audio bit rate=224 kbps

EXPLANATION: At the current time, ATI Technical Support is not aware of any way to configure the ATI Multimedia Center so that it will produce an MPEG file that is recognized by VIDEO CD CREATOR.

ATI Software Engineering has been advised of the above issue and is investigating.

To "work around" this issue, use a third party application to ENCODE your MPEG file in a format that will be accepted by the Video CD Creator software.

Refer to "How do I get a video clip or home movie onto a CD?" in the Adaptec Support Knowledgebase for additional information. ( http://ask.adaptec.com/cgi-bin/tic?solution&11-990428-0015&130-925315095&14- 0&2715-0&15- )

ATI Technical Support is currently tracking customers who experience this issue. Please provide the following information for our records:

- your name - address - phone number - e-mail address - a completed ATI Problem Report

WORKAROUND: To work around this issue use a third party application to ENCODE your VIDEO clips to match the requirements of Video CD Creator

The following advice is provided by ADAPTEC in their ASK (Adaptec Support Knowledgebase) at http://ask.adaptec.com/cgi-bin/tic. Select VIDEO CD for product type and HOW TO as the category prior to initiating the search.

How do I get a video clip or home movie onto a CD? (REF#990428-0015)

Solution: To create a CD with video on it, you must first process your video clip or home movie into a White Book (Motion Picture Experts Group) file, a digital format that can be read by Video CD Creator. This can be done using a video capture board or some of the new MPEG peripheral devices. If the video clip or home movie has already been digitized in a different file format, there are software programs, such as Xing Encoder, that can convert it to the MPEG format. To use Video CD Creator, your system must have a video MPEG player such as ActiveMovie from Microsoft (this is freeware available from Microsoft's web site). Once you have the video clip in an acceptable format, you can use Video CD Creator to burn a video CD or a CD-I disc.

If we submit the complaint to ATI to get the right format for MPEG-1 to write VCD in Easy Creator 3.5B. Probably they will start working on. So, We don't have to pay around $240 for the Xing version.I don't know about you but I don't want to spend more money.

Thank you for your time.

-- Carlos Leon (cleon@ford.com), February 29, 2000


I read a while back (but haven't tried) that the ATI MPEG file could be processed with iFilm edit (www.cinax.com) to make it white book compliant. If I remember correctly you load the file in, rerecord it with video CD set to "zeros", and then save it.

-- John Vickers (johnvick@ihug.co.nz), February 29, 2000.

IfilmEdit will recognize the clip as VCD 2.0 compliant or not just like your typical burning software. So if your clip is not VCD compliant, the option for VCD or VCD Zero will not be available for use. The options are mpeg stream, VCD 2.0, VCD Zero.

-- lnguyen (wingstarzz@hotmail.com), March 02, 2000.


I am an ATI AIW 128 user, and the clip i've created with this card always accepted by EZ CD Creator 4.01 version without any problem or conversion.

Do everything you did until you get to the mpeg1 settings. Set the bitrate to 1150kbs(not 11519291...this is your problem) if you can't get the slide to go exact then click on the default button to reset it back. Set the slide up pass 10 if you want better quality (the higher the slide setting the smoother the video...this is your low pass filter setting!). Note your audio/video will be out of sync if you don't have a fast CPU to support this setting since you'll have frame drop. GOP should be 15,3 aspect ratio is empty or 4:3. Default will set it to empty. frame rate is set to 29.97. Audio...leave it alone at default. Record and write.

-- lnguyen (wingstarzz@hotmail.com), March 02, 2000.

I have an ATI AIW 128 card as well. I did what you said above. Set to 1150000, 3:4 aspect ratio, sound settings are default, motion estimation set to 11, and fps set to 25, as my card is a PAL card, the tape also a PAL tape. I still cannot get WinOnCD to burn the file for me. It said "file.mpg has an invalid muxer rate (3628) and is not suitable for Video CD".

Any suggestions? Thanks.

Regards, Shellfer.

-- Shell Fer (bumimex@pd.jaring.my), March 06, 2000.

Thanks to the previous poster, I've d/led iFilmEdit and now it works! I don't know what the VCD (zeros) does, but both options work for me.

-- Shellfer (bumimex@pd.jaring.my), March 07, 2000.

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