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Check out this new product billed as being at an affordable price. The current decoder RealMagic Hollywood is very affordable and excellent too. This coder-decoder could be a winner, if it supports VCD...

-- Guy Nicholson (, February 29, 2000


This product was supposed to be out for xmas 99, but like the C-Cube DVxpress-based cards (Matrox RT2000 and Pinnacle DV500), it was delayed. I think the RealMagic DVR will compete with both the C-Cube solutions, and unless it is $800 or so, it won't compete favorably with the Matrox solution.

Check out the initial press release at:

The target price was supposedly retail at $999. If they are bundling Sonic DVDIt LE!, then that adds about $200 right there. But the software package they bundle looks good... they also have S-VCD authoring support!

It really makes me wonder whether I should be investing $150 in a Ligos software encoder or not. At least the LSX allows you to trade off time for quality while the hardware encoders have fixed bounds.

-- Bill Katz (, February 29, 2000.


-- ka ka (, October 04, 2002.

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