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We have a constant problem with tiles not matching when there is a high percentage of color in the file. We are printing on a RasterGraphics 5442 printer. 2 of the printers are vcolor printers and 1 is a 4color printer. This problem happens on all 3. It seems that every other tile matches. I print the tiles with every other one inverted, which is what is suppose to take care of this problem, however, it doesn't. The real puzzler is that I can reprint the tiles over and over and they will match themselves 99 - 100% of the time, but never match the tile they are suppose to butt up against. Any ideas?

-- Anonymous, February 29, 2000


One of our customers that had 2 5442 printers and 2 versions (3.5 & 4.5) of PosterShop did some testing...

loaded the same image in both versions of postershop and printed to both 5442's at the same time. One printer printed a short tile, but the other one did not. They switched the SCSI cables on the printers so that they were then connected to a different version of postershop and a different computer- then reprinted the image from both computers without re-processing the image. The same printer printed a short tile.

From this we conclude that PosterShop is not causing the problem. After explaining to RGI the test conducted, RGI flew a technician to the customers site and replaced the encoder bar on the printer (the encoder bar controls the positioning of the media while printing). Now both printers print the image at the exact same size no matter which computer or version of Postershop that is used to drive the printer.

-- Anonymous, April 03, 2000

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