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please realize that your consistently long subject lines only serve to push other worthwhile posts off the bottom of the board more quickly. For those of us who are unable to peruse daily, this matters. Might a one-line summary suffice? Thank you for your consideration.

-- advocate of (brevity@all.times), February 29, 2000


From: Y2K, ` la Carte by Dancr (pic), near Monterey, California

advocate, you may not be aware of the New Answers button which appears at the top of the Top Page for the TimeBomb2000 forum.

-- Dancr (addy.available@my.webpage), February 29, 2000.


advocate is expressing what many of us feel. Dee has been 'cutsey' every since he/she came to this forum. Enough already!

-- (-@-.-), February 29, 2000.

Dee is a tireless worker in bring the news to this forum. I, for one, appreciate her efforts immensely. However she wants to format her posts should be left to her discretion.

-- Lurkess (Lurkesss@Lurking.XNet), February 29, 2000.

Ditto, Lurkess.

# 3

-- just a number (, February 29, 2000.

--I love all the posts, but also feel that a one line subject header is more than adequate, and is indeed keeping with a dictum of polite and constructive criticsm. I see nothing wrong with the asking of it. One line should suffice, and then, like indicated, the posts remain visible longer. "New answers" way of reading the board is very cumbersome and confusing, at least it is to me.

-- Ivote (foroneline@subject.headers.if.possible), February 29, 2000.

Okay =)

-- Dee (, February 29, 2000.

I am forever grateful to Dee for all of the marvelous posts (s)he provides. I don't care how Dee titles them; the information is always valid. Besides, Dee's titles usually let one know what the post is about, thus allowing a better collection of(and searching for) information. How many posts out there are titled something like, "Just a thought..." or "What if...?" Hard to seardh those kinds of titles!

Peace, and keep up the good work, Dee!


-- Shimoda (, February 29, 2000.

Thanks guys.

Just wanted to let you know I am 100% least I was last time I checked. Otherwise I would like to know who in heck is spending all this money on make up and platform shoes!!!! Better not be my husband. LOL

It's okay. Point well taken. I try to keep a positive attitude and respect everyone's ideas. =)

-- Dee (, February 29, 2000.

Dee, I appreciate the work you bring to this forum, and I enjoy the way you title the threads. If you want to change it to appease a few, that is your choice, and I will respect it. But, my two cents, it would be the forum's loss. (P.S. - If you start missing some pantyhose, check in the glovebox of your hubby's car.)

-- (, February 29, 2000.

Minimalism forever!

-- (, February 29, 2000.

I vote for variety... in all things... including headers.


Use whatever words it takes to describe something. (Duh).

The front page is set to 2 days worth of visible posts. New Answers is set to 7 days. Choices, choices.


-- Diane J. Squire (, February 29, 2000.

Dee, I never had a problem with your headings. The thought never occurred to me. Keep up the good work!

-- canthappen (, February 29, 2000.

By the way Dee, I read a lot of your posts and never bother to say thanks or post a reply. So here it is- THANKS!!!!

-- carolyn (carolyn@luvmy.hub), February 29, 2000.

Dee, I meant to express my APPRECIATION for your posts first and foremost by stating such in the subject line. 'Twas not my intent to insult you. I, too, have benefitted from your diligence. I did not realize that new posts were visible for a certain amount of time, as Diane pointed out. I assumed there was a finite number of LINES on the page, and therefore, longer subject lines infringed on the number of posts available. Please accept my apologies. My ignorance of the system is obvious. My mistake, clearly. I tried to be respectful in my request, as you are in your posts...

With appropriate humility,

-- advocate of (brevity@all.times), March 03, 2000.


Thank you so much for the kind post, but no apology is necessary. You made a good point.

I used this board for a long time before I payed attention to the 'new answer' page one day. I get confused sometimes doing so much research and trying to keep up on all of the posts so that I don't duplicate others, but it still happens.

When I typed in the subject, I didn't realize how many lines it took up until I saw it, and after I post something, I quickly go to another search for, I didn't think about it.

I try to put more in the headline so people don't waste their time opening a thread that may not be of interest to them.

You were very respectful in your post, and I realized that right off the bat. I appreciate you taking the time to think about my feelings.

Well...there you have it.

See you at the new board, I hope. =)

-- Dee (, March 03, 2000.

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