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1. What is the significance of Rosaura's physical appearance while living at home compared to when she lived in San Antonio? 2. Why didn't Pedro's father refuse to allow Pedro to marry Rosaura? 3. Why did Rosura agree that Pedro and Tita could be together as long as they were discreet and did not embarrass her?

-- Anonymous, February 28, 2000


2. Pedro's father didn't want him to marry Rosaura becaues he knew that Pedro was in love with Tita. He wanted his son to be happy and marry the girl of his dreams. Having his son be happy would make him happy. 3. Rosaura allowed Pedro and Tita to be together in secret, because she knew from the beginning that Pedro wanted Tita and that she was a make shift bride, because he couldn't have her.

-- Anonymous, June 30, 2000

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