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Ever since i started posting how to make SVCD, I have been flooded with emails on how to convert DVD to SVCD. Here is how:

You need the following software (once again, DO NOT email me asking me where to download any of this software or If I can send it to you):

1. DeCSS (ripping VOB from DVD to Hard Drive and getting rid of the CSS copy protection) 2. BBdemux (splitting the Audio and video stream from a VOB file) 3. ReMPEG2 (resizing the video stream/resizing the bitrate to SVCD compatible video file) 4. ac3decode (converting the ac3 audio stream to WAV file) 5. I-Media Audio MPEG Pro (converting WAV to .mp2 @ 224kbps) 6. Enreach I-Author Delux (SVCD authoring software) 7. Ez CD Creator (for burning the .cif image that I-author creates)


1. Use DeCss to rip the VOB file to your hard drive. This also eliminates the CSS copy protection from the VOB file


1. Use BBDmux to save the video stream to an m2v file 2. Use BBDmux to save the audio stream to an ac3 file


1. Open the video stream in ReMPEG2 (you have to wait a little while for it to process since it scans the file) 2. Use ReMPEG2 and check the 480X480 resolution setting (options menu) 3. Change the Bitrate to around 2mbps using ReMPEG2 (options menu) 4. Click the Encode button


1. Open the ac3 audio stream in ac3decode 2. Convert it to WAV file 3. Open that same WAV file in I-Media Audio MPEG Pro 4. Convert the WAV file to MP2 @ 224kbps


1. Open the Multiplexer in the Enreach I-Author Program Group 2. Select the video stream 3. Select the Audio stream 4. Select the output MPS file (MPS file is the final file that has the audio/video stream) 5. Click the Start Button to multiplex (join) the audio/video stream


1. Open Enreach I-Author, go to File menu, then click on new, then highlight Project file, click on ok, choose SVCD, then click ok. 2. Add the MPS file you just created and any other MPS files and any other files such as pictures 3. Create the Structure of the SVCD to be created 4. Once you are done with the Structre of your SVCD, go to Tools menu and go to Create Disc Image (or click on the purple circle next to the ? button on the right hand side of the toolbar) to make your .CIF image 5. Open up EZ Cd Creator and burn the .CIF file you just made to burn your SVCD disc.


-- MrVCD (mrvcd@juno.com), February 28, 2000


MrVCD, I have no problem with creating the mps files, except for the creating the CIF part. The software always hang up with an unknown error while accessing an unname file. What does that mean? Do i have to have EZ CD creator install with all the trimming from it so that I- author will work? According to another site Nero will work to burn the CIF image in place of EZ CD. I do have Nero.

-- lnguyen (wingstarzz@hotmail.com), February 28, 2000.

i still think its much easier and looks the same if i run it into my PC capture card via a super vhs cable. I know its neat for all these dvd ripping proigrams, but if i "rip" its going to be the way i mentioned

-- Doug (mazinz@aol.com), February 28, 2000.

Doug, There are many alternatives for DVD to VCD, but that's not what i am after. I am curious about SVCD and the Pioneer capability at playing this format. That's what i am after with I-author. I want to evaluate this format, but it's not letting me. I am working with mpeg2 and mpeg1 not AVI. There are so many options to split these two formats out to their individual components and merge them back together as SVCD form. I don't have problem with that. I just simply want to know why I-author won't let me create a CIF file from a pro.

-- lnguyen (wingstarzz@hotmail.com), February 28, 2000.

For Doug: whatever floats your boat. But many professionals say the "all digital" approach provides optimum quality. Plus if you go from DVD to avi, you gotta worry about a fast hard drive, AVI 2gig limitations, etc, etc. Also for those who don't have capture hardware, my above method is ideal.

For Wingstar: I wrote that method above for people that are interested in SVCD. That is why the title of the message is "DVD to SVCD".

I personally don't see any point in converting DVD to VCD since you will loose alot of quality which defeats the purpose of DVD. SVCD when converted from a DVD provides SUPERB quality which is what I want since I want it as close to the DVD as possible. I am not saying that DVD to VCD conversion is worthless (nor am I putting anyone down for doing it), it's just that it doesn't seem feasible in terms of video quality. Such loss in quality doesn't make DVD to VCD appealing to me.

-- MrVCD (mrvcd@juno.com), February 28, 2000.

MrCVD, you have all this talk aboiut doing this but have YOU ACTUALLY made a SVCD and played it on a stand alone player yet?

I have not spoken to ONE person who has done this succesfully yet.

Please only post HOW TO posts if you know they WORK...

Did you USE your own medthod and actually create a s-vcd that PLAYS on a s-vcd player? Did you TEST it and did it work? What media did you use and what PLAYER did you pla your s-vcd on.

- Michael

-- Blackout (blackout@blackout.com), February 28, 2000.

i didnt mean to come off sounding harsh i was just saying for the record thats all. i have tried the dvd rips (why not ehh), but on what i tried i always get the "this system has performed an illegal...", so i stop trying. The dvds tried do not have macro on them so that cant be blamed either. But yes i do understand the need for rips as most people do not have a dvd rom or player and since vcds can almost be played on any store bought PC. i do see the need. INGUYEN as much as i want to help you i have no idea why you are getting those messages. and i cant further resaerch it becasue i will not re-instal the i-author (unless the have a newer hack for it) because it really screwed some things up on my PC

-- Doug (mazinz@aol.com), February 28, 2000.

Hey Mike

i dont know if its a true form but i have made a supervcd and played it on my apex ad600a dvd standalone player. when put in it even identifies it as a supervcd.

-- Doug (mazinz@aol.com), February 28, 2000.

I have successfully recorded a ten minute SVCD from a DVD and it is very good. I used a different software than MrVCD's list. I skip the first 5 steps by using DVD2MPG Squeezer. After that I used Enreach I-Author Delux (SVCD authoring software) and Ez CD Creator (for burning the .cif image that I-author creates).

-- MrSoft (softpro20000115@icqmail.com), February 28, 2000.

This is to blackout:

That method I described was originated from a guy on IRC that I know that has made SVCD and plays them on his Raite (china) DVD player. He burns them on Verbatim CDRW discs and they work fine. Why all this hostility if I am just posting for the benefit of others? Does my help seem threatening to you? The method is tried and true so I am not all talk here.

Looks like there are 1 or 2 posts from people that have made SuperVCD's so like I said it's possible. Don't get pissed off if you haven't yet.

Jesus, i try to post something for the benefit of others and I get shot down by someone.....man, my help is unappreciated

-- MrVCD (mrvcd@juno.com), February 29, 2000.

Sorry, I read back my own message and I did seem it bit hostile, I didn't mean to come off that way, it's just that I have been trying and trying for days to make a S-Video CD and I just can't get it to work. No one has posted a step by step method of going from a 720 x 480 .avi (for me it's a DV .avi) to a 480 x 480 mpeg2 that i-author will accept. I'm just a bit frustrated at this point.

Does anyone know if you can make a s-vcd play at 720 x 480? Has anyone tested the limits of the bitrate of a s-vcd? What is the actual quality of a s-vcd, does it compare to DVD.. the mpeg2s I got out of dvmpeg at the 480 x 480 s-vcd bit rate of about 2320 didn't look so great on the computer.

-- Blackout (blackout@blackout.com), February 29, 2000.

Mike i wish i could help you more but i capture in mpeg not avi otherwise i would have come up with somekind of help for your problem

-- Doug (mazinz@aol.com), February 29, 2000.

Hi, MrVCD, I think that you have one missing step...

When I reduce the x/y dimensions and bitrate of a 120 minute DVD, I still have a m2v file that is around 1.1GB long. How can I slice it in two smaller files, prior to multiplex with audio and feeding them to I-Author? I can cut the .mpa audio with a lot of utilities (is mpeg1), but the mpeg2 video file seems to be a bitch for most "mpeg slicing" programs I tried. Some of the cut it but the file contains rubish at the beginning and/or end.

-- ChoGunTu (Cho@teleline.es), April 12, 2000.

going from DVD (mpeg2 720x480) to 480x480 mpeg2 or mpeg1 looks bad regardless of what software i use to do it. i have used ReMPEG, Panasonic encoder, and mpegvcr. all three produce files that look great as long as there is no motion in the video. as soon as things start moving, jagged horizontal lines appear. for playback im using a creative Dxr2 card, media player(xing, ligos, or windvd filters) and i have even burned SVCDs that play back on a pioneer 525, all methods playback with the same distortions. HELP!

-- ndumu (ndumu@hotmail.com), April 12, 2000.

It's easy! Just use a dazzle-2 DVC and input your dvd into it with the stock svcd template. Then use Nero to burn it with the stock svcd template.

Play fine in Raite/Apex/Memorex/Phillips/Pioneer dvd-333

I suggest the memorex becuase it will play anything! It's only $135 at target for the memorex home DVD.

-- MovieGuru (eatme@eatme.org), December 02, 2000.

i just made a "Check disc" for my Pioneer DV525. It had the following mpeg clips:

1.XSVCD 3,5mbit 480x576 = Video ok but sound skipping 2.SVCD 1,15mbit 480x576 = No problems whatsoever, great quality 3.SVCD 1,15mbit 480x480 = No problems whatsoever, great quality 4.VCD 1,15mbit 352x240 = No problems whatsoever, great quality

So for all of you out there looking for a new DVD player, buy a Pioneer, this bastard plays almost anything you feed it..

-- fuzion (thefuzion@hotmail.com), February 22, 2001.

Freeze! FBI!

-- whyme (whyme@whyme.com), March 07, 2001.

Does anyone else also get an "unknown error occurred while accessing an unnamed file" when you click on Create Disc in I-author?

Is there a way to fix that?


-- Vohiyaar (vohiyaar@yahoo.com), July 02, 2001.

TO SOLVE ALL YOR PROBLEMS,JUST DOWNLOAD THE VCD GALAXY DVD RIP COMBO PACK FROM http://www.angelfire.com/movies/vcdgalaxy1/guide1-1.html. Its a 3 step operation that is so simple a retarded swamprat on serapax could handle it. It incorporates DVD DECRYPTER from www.flexion.org,DVD2AVI from www.dvd2avi.com and tmpgenc.I HAVE ABOUT 30 SVCDS that iv'e made myself using the VcdGalaxy-PAL-SVCD-CQ-2000- Q85.mcf template, which means 85% of original DVD quality and alot of my freinds swear there is no difference from the original, but if you look real close you can see just a slight difference in quality with no blocking whatsoever,iswear by it,just try and you will see, regards joe.

-- joe (joebanda65@hotmail.com), January 20, 2002.

More simpler program than "VCD Galaxy" is "DVDX1.7" combo all in one package that is practically one step. In VCD galaxy ther are 3 steps and also you have to split manually into 3 or 4 MPEG1 or 2 files depending upon the length of the movie.

In DVDX1.7 after selecting the DVD root, in IN PUT and OUT PUT settings you can even define the lrngth of MPEG file to fit nicely on each CDR, select VCD or SVCD. " DVDX1.7 " can be downloaded from down loads of " Doom9.Net". Try it you will like it.

-- Rao (Pvrao@Juno.com), February 06, 2002.

Hi, I'm looking for a patch (.DLL ??) to remove some limitations in I- author. Has someone got this ? Please, E-mail me it ....


-- schrounk (schrounk@yahoo.com), February 13, 2002.

attn schrounk:

http://astalavista.box.sk/cgi-bin/robot?srch=i-author (returned a few hits for me)

for the general SuperVCD people, another great tutorial is available here: http://perso.wanadoo.fr/lelab/video/svcd_en.htm


-- opello (opello_stuff@hotmail.com), February 18, 2002.

try dvdsoft web site lots of dvd rippers dupe-dvd is a one button operation but the patch does not work try the shareware programme dvx1.8 easy to use for svcd and vcd copies ripping time is longer than dupe-dvd but no problems

-- Brian Clegg (brian@clegg173.freeserve.co.uk), April 09, 2002.

Where Can I Get My Hands On I-Author? I Got The Crack For It But Can't Find The Real Program..... Anyone?

-- Willem (willem_jvv@hotmail.com), May 18, 2002.

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