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"Hey Duke, when are we going to eat I'm straved," asked Big Blue. "Yea, and where are we going," added Rocky. The three have been traveling for 2 days without food, and are going in circles. "Didn't I see that same tree allready," questioned Big Blue. "Just stop whining like a baby and shut-up," Duke yelled angrily, "ok I admit we're lost but dont complain. "Fine," argued Big Blue, "but you dont have to yell". "I'm not yelling your yelling." "No its you whose doing all the yelling." "Me, I didn't yell it was..." "Guys shut up and look," Rocky interupted. There before them was an old burnt up house. "Wow, look at the writing on the wall," commented Duke, "What does it say." "It says Market; We have Mystery Disks," the amazed Big Blue said. "Let's check it out," Rocky said. The three went in and searched but found nothing. "Well," said Duke "you'd think there would be something besides ashes, all I found were.... Whoooaaaaa..." Duke clumsely trips over somthing. "You stupid...hey look," Duke says astonished. "Its a mystery disk," all three of them said. "Could it be Pheonix?" questioned Big Blue. "I don't know," said Duke. "Hey guys look, its a shrine," Rocky said as he looked behind the Market. The three ran inside. they put the mystery disk in, the awaited nervously. It span faster and faster. Finnally now was the time to await to see the monster. A light appeared,the light started taking shape. Suddenly a big flash blinded everyone. "What is it, is it a pheonix," Big Blue quikly asked. they all looked amazed to find a Gariel (Dragon/Gali).

What will they do with they're new monster, is it good or will it be bad and follow Moo. Find out in the next edition of the Legendary Pheonix.

-- Aaron Guest (, February 27, 2000


Moving dots......

-- Aaron Guest a.k.a. Magma Bird (, June 12, 2000.

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