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FEBRUARY 27, 11:11 EST

Singapore To Revive Y2K Help Center

SINGAPORE (AP)  Singapore will reopen its national Y2K command center before Feb. 29, a day computers might not recognize as part of the year 2000.

The center will be open from Feb. 28 through Mar. 1 to keep around-the-clock watch for Y2K-related problems, said center spokeswoman Dulcie Chan.

Feb. 29 occurs every fourth or ``leap'' year. Chan said the Y2K bug could make some computers mistake the year 2000, a leap year, for 1900m which was not.

But Singapore officials don't believe Feb. 29 could cause any serious emergencies, because any leap year malfunction would mainly affect computers' internal calendars, rather than the functioning of systems like traffic lights, factories or elevators, Chan added.


-- Carl Jenkins (, February 27, 2000

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