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I'm interested in getting a vacuum frame for contact printing 8 X 10 negs(ideally used, weighing less than a sumo wrestler and not sounding like a 747 during takeoff). It's been recommended in previous threads that these be purchased at a graphic arts store. Any specific recommendations of brand, place to buy? I live in Baltimore, but am comfortable buying on the web from reputable folks.

TIA for any leads.


-- Nathan Congdon (, February 27, 2000



I just picked up a fairly large one from a person in New Jersey. The frame is 28x33 or something huge like that. I am thinking of the day that I will be using 12x20 negs...

Have you tried a traditional print frame? At 8x10 I don't see any reason why a traditional split back frame won't work. You can get good quality frames from Bostick-Sullivan, Great Basin, AWB, and a bunch of others. It will certainly be cheaper and quieter than a vacuum frame.

If you really want a vacuum frame, there are places on the web that may have used ones. I searched around and saw listings, but most were out in CA, (these things are heavy, thus expensive to ship). Let me check if I have any bookmarks left from my searches...

That's the only bookmark I have left...

NuArc makes some frames, as well as a company called Teaneck. I'm sure there are others.

If you do go the used route, (which I would suggest, or else it'll cost as much as your Symmar XL!) look at the glass to make sure there are no scratches, because the glass will be expensive to replace (optically clear...).


-- Michael Mutmansky (, February 27, 2000.

For Sale Douthitt Corp Vacuum Frame S#: 59061A Type: REV Size: 60 x 80 Option 'X' Unit


Excellent Condition

If interested call Colin Line - Unimac Graphics - 201-372-1000 xt 282

-- Colin Line (, May 04, 2001.

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