Who's in Charge?

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Greenspan commented last week in response to Dr. Ron Paul's question "Would M3 shrink?" that the Fed no longer had a definition for money, and therefore could not control it. The government, media & other institutions widely expected a crisis or panic associated with y2k and it didn't happen (now, of course, it's a non-issue when it should be a front-burner). Even though the current price of oil is blamed on OPEC, one gets the feeling that OPEC would put out more oil and increase total revenue if they could, but they can't because of production problems. Microsoft has problems getting Windows 2000 on the market. In every area it seems as if the powers which have ruled our commercial utopia for so long have lost control. My question is, "Who's in Charge?", but I know that God is ultimately in charge. So, really, the question is, "Who has God put in charge?"

-- Okie Dan (brendan@theshop.net), February 27, 2000



-- (formerly@nowhere.zzz), February 27, 2000.

I'm in charge!

-- Charles (the@idiots.rule), February 27, 2000.

I am in charge. I owe Visa, MC, Discover. Never be able to pay it back.

-- canthappen (n@ysayer.com), February 27, 2000.

The same Group,that had something to with the Death of,Bobby Kennedy,JFK,Walter Reuter,Hewie Long,MLK,Malcom X,Senator Tower,JFK Jr.George Wallace Attempt,Jimmy Hoffa,Vince Foster,Bishop of Graneda,the last Mex.Opposition Leader(forgot his Name)and the many others,that wanted to do somthing for the common Man.They figured,Klinton,they could get some other Way,if he did not dance to their Tune.Now that we have had 8 Years of lying,stealing,leeching and galloping Inflation,its Time to hand the whole Mess to the Democrats,so they can take the Blame for the upcomming Fiasco.

-- Student (Good@learning.alesson), February 27, 2000.

You and I are in charge. Whether we take up that responsibility or not is free will or choice. Either way we will reap the consequences.

Greenie and TPTB are just lemming suckers.


the trick is to borrow so much that they can't afford not to loan you more so you can pay off previous debts. Use it to buy junk that's not worth repossessing or if it is valuable, bind it to other debts in a web of debts. It all is anyway, so why not bring it into the daylight. I think you already understand to covet nothing material.

Remember the old saying...can't get blood from a turnip! ;)

-- turnip (inawell@fertilized.plot), February 27, 2000.

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