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Cuyahoga auditor sends out incorrect levy information

Saturday, February 26, 2000 By JANET H. CHO


The Cuyahoga County auditors plan to help taxpayers figure out how much proposed school levies would cost them hasnt gone as smoothly as hoped.

In the Fairview Park School District, school officials say at least two homeowners have received postcards from the auditors office saying a proposed levy was going to cost more than it actually would.

One homeowner was mistakenly told the levy would cost him $43.30 a month, instead of the actual $23.30, said Superintendent Nylajean McDaniel.

Fairview schools are trying to pass a 6.9-mill levy for the sixth time since 1998, and officials fear that the wrong information could translate into another failed vote on March 7.

Strongsville Schools Superintendent Dennis J. Kowalski, whose district is trying to pass a 1-mill levy for the third time next month, said he had not heard of any complaints from residents there, but agreed that "if its erroneous information, sure it could sway votes."

County Auditor Frank Russo said he created the program this year to inform property owners how much a proposed levy would cost them before they vote.


He called the erroneous postcards isolated incidents caused by human error.

Russo said his staff has mailed about 700 postcards and given estimates on the telephone to another 200 to 300 homeowners.

McDaniel is concerned that other residents may have received the wrong figures without realizing that theyre wrong. She said Russos office has not responded to a district request for a public notice alerting people that their postcards may be wrong.

In the meantime, McDaniel said she is pleased that Bill Westfall, manager of the appraisal department in Russos office, has been attending public forums and answering questions about the proposed levy.

Westfall, who is also the Ward 4 City Councilman in Fairview Park, said he has been attending the meetings as a school supporter and as a city official, not specifically because of the auditors postcards.

-- Carl Jenkins (, February 27, 2000

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