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"Nasdaq 5000? Some money managers say the Nasdaq Composite Index is headed toward another milestone, driven by demand for shares of computer and telecommunications companies..........We don't see any major glitches in the tech story, Business looks good and the money is flowing"

Link To Full Article On Bloomberg

-- Zdude (, February 26, 2000


I guess the lesson in all this is that the only way to make Money in todays Market Environment is to sell your Profitable "Old Era" Bluechips and buy a bunch of "New Era" Money losing Dot Com Tech Stocks.

Sounds like to me the Sheep are being set up for a Fleecing!

-- Zdude (, February 26, 2000.

The problem is that as asset values increase it takes an ever greater amount of incoming cash to drive the price up further.

At some point, profit taking kicks in as big winners move to secure their gains. If there are enough new players willing to buy at inflated prices the game continues; if not last ones in are left holding the bag for the ride down. This is well known as the greater fool theory. And while their are lots of fools, the supply is finite.

-- Bill P (, February 26, 2000.

I'm on record with my coworkers with my prediction that the NASDAQ will GO SKY HIGH and HIT 5000!

Even the permabulls are a little shakey at this projection. I perceive that many greedy Americans will funnel more moola into the NASDAQ rocket chambers in order to blast off towards greater profits. To Mars and Jupiter! Then off into CyberRamaNebula!

However, all greed must come to an end, and I view that the top off of the NASDAQ will be held in high esteem even as it cracks. And then the next trading day, whatever the impetus which trigger the panic selling, the NASDAQ will speedily plummet downward to historical panic lows!

Do you understand the forthcoming Greatest Stock Blow Off In History?

This curretn greed will NOT allow any substantial loss to incur until an UNEXPECTED SURPRISE suddenly develops, which will freak out the smart investors to exit pronto. Then those watching the smart investors will sell off, followed by others. AT THAT TIME IN HISTORY, THE COMMON INVESTORS WILL BE CAUGHT WITH THEIR STOCKS DOWN. They will panic and attempt to sell at margin, but it won't work. Then events will get uglier. There is no escaping the financial ruin about to fall upon America. Alan Greenspan knows he is backed into a corner with no escape. If you wish to make some quick money, then gamble at the NASDAQ Casino at your own risk.

-- dinosaur (, February 26, 2000.

I bet I could make a fortune in,,, etc. There may be new ones now that I haven't heard of. I will have to research.

-- canthappen (, February 27, 2000.


In my opionion, you are absolutely correct.


-- Uhhmmm... (, February 27, 2000.

dinosaur - sounds about right to me, I have nothing to add nor change.

Zdude - You're going to lose your bet. Microsoft is weakening and only if everybody gets on there knees and bows down to Cisco and give there last penny. The markets are weighted so that when Microsoft gains or loses a point it has a far greater impact than a 1 Billion dollar capitalized company that gains 10 points. I read an analyst that said the market is valuing Qcomm more than if they sold a cell phone to every last person on the planet. Now if Qcomm starts selling cell phones to the Martians, then maybe they're worth what they're currently valued.

-- Guy Daley (, February 27, 2000.


I could'nt agree with you more. Nasdaq 5000 is Bloombergs prediction not mine.

I think dinosaurs got it about right that it could top off at around the 5000 mark before it blows because of all the Greedy Fools that are selling off the Dow "Old Era" Stocks for the "New Era" Tech Stocks.

This "New Era" thing is nothing but one big fantasy cooked up by the talking head media, and when the Tech Bubble Pops it will definitely be one for the History Books!

-- Zdude (, February 27, 2000.

After these guys get all the money in the country, what will the .gov guys do for tax income??

-- Liz (, February 27, 2000.

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