57mm f/1.2 Hexanon

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Just thought you would like to know that B&H Photo has an f/1.2 in their used equipment list for $199. It's said to be in 8+ condition. They go for more than that on eBay these days.

Best, Steve

-- Anonymous, February 26, 2000


57 mm f/1.2 Hexanon

I believe there are at least two flavors of this lens. I bought one as part of a bunch of stuff on EBay a few years ago and am not happy with it. The resolution seems quite poor. I believe it is an older version, with heavy, rather ponderous construction. Now my 1.2 is also not in great shape -- a few dings on the glass -- so perhaps it also has a misalignment that explains its failings. (Local imperfections in the glass should not affect resolution.)


-- Anonymous, February 28, 2000

57 mm f/1.2

I also have one that I bought new some 25 years ago. It is very big and heavy but takes very sharp and detailed pictures. The serial number on my lens is 7526995 if that helps to put it a category.

-- Anonymous, February 28, 2000

f1.2 even older?

I have recently acquired one also $187, after shipping $212 so around $200 is presumably the price these days. Anyway mine has the number 7508306 so it should be older than yours. However it has rubber on the focussing ring which should indicate that it is not among the oldest - what does your lens have? My first shots were not that convincing so I took my tripod ouside and photographed a fence with a 52 mm f.1.8, a 40 mm f1.8 (pan cake), a 57 mm f.1.4 and the f 1.2. Boring pictures no doubt, but I hope to report a useful comparison once the film is returned from the developer.

-- Anonymous, March 02, 2000

Older Still

I bought a new Konica FTA in Japan in July 1969. This was the Japanese domestic version of the T-1. It was all black and came with the 57mm F1.2 lens as standard issue. It was impressive. I had to have it. The serial number was 7200628. It had the knurled metal focusing ring, EE aperture ring and lock button, even in 1969. This lens is older than those discussed. It took sharp, contrasty pictures, and it still does. I have used all the other normal lenses at one time or another, and they're all quite good. I have not tested them against each other, however. The 57/1.2 may be a little more show than go, but I would be surprised to see poor results from a lens in good operating condition, especially when stopped down a bit. I wouldn't expect it to perform well wide open, especially on the edges,but few lenses do.


-- Anonymous, March 02, 2000

57mm f1.2 Hexanon AR lens SN

Just bought one myself in a package deal that included:

Konica T3 body Hexanon 50mm f1.8 Hexanon 57mm f1.2 Vivitar 135mm f2.8

My Hexanon 57mm f1.2 lens is a Black Ringed EE version, and has the non-rubber focus ring (the metal chunky one). The Serial Number is: 7505805. It is now in the shop getting reconditioned to new.


-- Anonymous, January 04, 2001

Lens test of (decrepit) f1.2

Mine has the metal ring. I used this, http://photo.net/photo/optics/USAF1951.ps, taped to the wall, with a flash to prevent camera motion from mattering, to test resolutions of my lenses. My recollection is that my particular 57 1.2 was on a par with zooms. A bum example of the lens, I s'pose -- but then I probably paid in effect under $50 for it.


-- Anonymous, March 03, 2000

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