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I have just purchased a 4x5 camera (my first)complete with a couple of lense boards and I intend to also buy a 6X9 roll film holder. Can anyone suggest what I can get to carry all this around in. I have come to the conclusion I will have to disassemble the thing. My first thought was to buy one on those automotive type tool boxes and line it with foam. Any ideas? Jack Leonard

-- Jack Leonard (, February 26, 2000


The type of case you use depends on the type of camera you own. If you have a monorail, then buy a case designed for the monorail. If you have a field camera, thee are many backpacks available. Your tool box idea can work but it is not my choice of cases. I purchased a used Adapt-a-case that holds my B&J 8X10 for $25 at a local camera store.

-- Ron Lawrence (, February 26, 2000.

Hi, Jack!

Congratulations on your purchase. I'd suggest a look at the Lightware brand view camera cases. The one I got allows you to suspend the camera upside down from the monorail and has plenty of room for lenses, fim holders, and other accessories. Call Jeff at Badger Graphics in Kaukauna, Wisconsin for helpful advice, good, courteous service, and excellent prices.

Regards, and have fun! Ken

-- Ken Gewant (, February 26, 2000.

What kind of environs do you find yourself in? The other day I saw a neat back pack that converted to one of those rolling pieces of ariport luggage. The tool box is a nice idea, I know a fella who carries his lenses, filters, cable releases, meter, etc. that way. But then again, he shoots 12 X 20 too.

Thieves might be just as interested in tool boxes as obvious camera bags - in fact, maybe more-so as tools may be easier to pawn. What about a cooler or something?

-- Sean yates (, February 26, 2000.

I don't know the size of your lensboards. If they're large, it's also helpful to have an adaptor to smaller sized boards, like the Technika or graphlex boards. Some camera mfgs sell them as an option. You can also check WWW.SKGRIMES.COM for what he offers.

-- neil poulsen (, February 27, 2000.


I built a case for my Toyo C monorail out of a Coleman picnic cooler. I constructed two notched baffles and fixed them in the cooler compartment so that the camera would hang inverted in the notches. I was left with adequate space beneath the camera and outside the baffles to carry various and sundry other gear. The end product isn't particularly 'light-weight' but it is efficent in that I can carry pretty much everything I need for daylight outdoor shooting. The box is rigid enough and hard enough to be fairly protective. On a summer day in the desert it provides some insulation as well. The whole thing cost less than fifty bucks if cost is a consideration.

Good luck.

-- robb reed (, February 28, 2000.

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