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This Press Release came to me by email. This is a big story. ...sdb


Contacts: Norman Olson, 231-548-5878. Pastor Greg Dixon 317-783-6753

Militias Mobilize To Prevent Another Mt. Carmel. Citizen Militias On Alert as Feds Prepare to Move Against Another Church. Militia To Converge in Indianapolis on March 4

Alanson, MI (Feb 25) -- Militia units across America are mobilizing today in preparation to defend the Indianapolis Baptist Temple, a large church that has been the target of IRS tax collectors for nearly a decade.

The confrontation shaping up in Indianapolis will pit the church against the 7th Circuit Court which it has vowed to defy. The 7th Circuit Court has ordered the church to vacate and allow the government to confiscate the church on April 10, as a result of failure to pay taxes and penalties amounting to nearly $6 million. The church has not and will not register as a 501(c)3 ecclesiastical corporation, which according to the IRS, it must do. Furthermore, it refuses to act as a tax collector for the federal government by withholding taxes from employees paychecks. The church and its day school has continued to operate independent of all government involvement in its affairs.

Upon receiving the court order, the Indiana militia began to look into the matter. On Tuesday, it was announced that the Kentucky and Ohio militia will join with Indiana to defend the church. Today, Norman Olson, nationally known militia leader who testified before the US Senate on militia activities, said that he will urge militias and pastors across the country to prepare to defend the church. According to Olson, support from militia groups across America is flooding in. Olson says that April is significant, as all Americans should know.

The Baptist Temple Church, 2711 S. East St., Indianapolis, has a Sunday attendance of about 1000. The former pastor of 50 years, Pastor Greg Dixon, said in a radio interview just days ago, "this is a free country, with free speech and freedom of religion. The people of the congregation do not plan to leave their church." April 10, 2000, is the deadline imposed by the court. After that date, the court has said that it would order the receiver who has already been assigned, to seize and sell the property. With perhaps thousands of militia and members surrounding the church, this may not be an easy task.

Olson, co-founder of the Michigan Militia and pastor of Freedom Church in Wolverine, MI, also an unregistered church, said in a press release today, "April 10 could be the beginning of WACO II. The court and the federal government have not only challenged the church, but also the citizen militia of this country. We have vowed that there will be no more Wacos. We will be at the Indianapolis Baptist Temple to make sure the federal government doesn't do to this church what it did to the Branch Dividians at Mt. Carmel. If the federals are itching for a fight in downtown Indianapolis, they may not have to wait too long. I guarantee that the media won't be kept five miles away this time. Is this what Clinton and Reno want as the final achievement in their regime?"

The press release issued by the church yesterday provides further background:

Press Release from Pastor Greg Dixon:Re: US v Indianapolis Baptist Temple Cause # IP 98-0498-C-B/S

In the 50th anniversary year of the Indianapolis Baptist Temple, Sarah Evens Barker, Chief Judge, United States District Court, Southern District of Indiana, Indianapolis Division, signed an Entry MODIFYING TERMS OF STAY OF EXECUTION OF JUDGMENT PENDING APPEAL, dated February 10, which reverses a previous agreement that she made with the church and has made demands that the church cannot meet which, unless changed, will result in the selling of the church property some time after April 10, 2000. The church through it's Council, Albert F. Cunningham of Redding, California, plans to go immediately to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago, Illinois, to ask for an injunction against the court which, if successful, will result in the church remaining on its property at 2711 S. East Street during the appeals process.

On November 10, 1999, Judge Barker signed a summary judgment order including foreclosure and sale of the property of the Indianapolis Baptist Temple. The judgment included penalties, interest, and other additions now totals approximately $6 million. The Judgment is for alleged uncollected and unpaid 941 taxes on those who minister at the church from 1987 to '93. Judge Barker had accepted the Baptist Temple's position that the property should not be vacated pending appeal. She agreed that if the property should be sold, the church would suffer irreparable harm even if it prevailed on appeal. She further agreed that the parents of the children in the church education ministry would also be harmed because they would not be able to find suitable schools for their children after the semester had been in progress for several weeks.

However, she has now changed her order in apparent pressure from the Clinton/Reno Justice Department and has agreed with Federal Prosecutor Douglas Snoyenbos that new demands should be made on the church. These include the filing of monthly detailed financial reports with the court and the paying of 941 taxes on current ministries of the church into an interest bearing escrow account to be administered by the court.

This is a total contradiction of Judge Barker's original requests which included timely payments on the church mortgage, sufficient insurance on the buildings, which includes the church parsonage, and the reasonable maintenance of the buildings. All of these were agreed to by the church congregation as reasonable and responsible. Judge Barker reserved the right to modify her order if there were any changes. There have been no changes. She has not met the stipulations of her own order. These new demands ploy new ground altogether pertaining to the Stay Order.

For the church to meet these new demands would be to violate their faith which is the entire issue to begin with. It would also interdict the appeals process by forcing the church to pay the tax before its appeal has even been heard. It would also violate the First Amendment as to redress of grievances. In fact, if the 7th Circuit refuses to give the injunction, there is no other appeal to this matter and it would force the church to obey their God or government.

In that the church cannot and will not obey this newest demand of Judge Sarah Evans Barker, she has said that she will order the receiver who has already been assigned to this case to seize and sell the property sometime after April 10, 2000.

There will be a Religious Liberty Rally at the Indianapolis Baptist Temple Saturday, March 4, at 10AM. The church expects many across the nation to come to stand with the pastors and congregation for this occasion. At noon, the church and their supporters will gather in front of the Federal Court House at Pennsylvania/Ohio Street, to bring attention locally and nationally of the Imminent Death of Religious Liberty in America


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-- S. David Bays (, February 26, 2000


"The church has not and will not register as a 501(c)3 ecclesiastical corporation, which according to the IRS, it must do."

This, I think, is the crux of the matter. Forcing a Church to become a "child of the state" corporation is causing the founding fathers to roll in their graves. Isn't the government hell bent on keeping church and state separate? My other question is: Why are all the other Churches in the land so quick to hitch their wagon to this world master (government) via 501 (c)3 when they belong to and should be serving only one Master.

This is why churches across the nation are gagged from making any political comments or saying anything politically incorrect. This is one reason why many pastors in the pulpit have been rendered impotent.

This, 501(c)3, dangling carrot, is to insure that the Church does not get out of line. As government gets more and more intrusive and oppressive you will see more and more churches breaking away from this unholy alliance.


-- S. David Bays (, February 26, 2000.

This govt will probably insist that the National Council of Left Wing Churches come in and mediate a solution. Bravo militia men! But be prepared to stick around; govt hates to lose.

-- JB (, February 26, 2000.

[7.8.1] 3.3 05/25/99 Religious Organizations -- Overview

Under the First Amendment, the Service cannot consider the content or sources of a doctrine that is alleged to constitute a particular religion, and cannot evaluate the content of a doctrine an organization claims is religious. This does not apply to rites or practices that violate federal, state or local law.

The term "church" includes a religious order or a religious organization if the order or organization is an integral part of a church and is engaged in carrying out the functions of a church, whether as a civil law corporation or otherwise. In determining if a religious order or organization is an integral part of a church, consider the degree to which it is connected with and controlled by the church. A religious order or organization carries out the functions of a church if its principal activity is religious in nature, such as the ministration of sacerdotal functions or the conduct of religious worship.

Churches are not required to apply for and obtain recognition of exempt status to be exempt under IRC 501(c)(3). If a church meets the requirements of IRC 501(c)(3), it is exempt from federal income tax. Also, churches, their integrated auxiliaries, and conventions or associations of churches are not required to file annual information returns (Form 990). Reg. 1.6033-2(g)(5)(i) defines "integrated auxiliary".

Seems they go against their own regs.

-- mush (discovery@shields.up), February 26, 2000.

Is there a link we can go to, to get regular updated information on this one? This could get really big.


-- Obo (, February 26, 2000.

No, but I'll see what I can find. This came to me via email. ...sdb

-- S. David Bays (, February 26, 2000.

Sierra Times has regularly been reporting on this. They should continue to have updates as they warrant.

-- Skye Polock (, February 26, 2000.

Here is the email address of Norman Olson and Pastor Greg Dixon: ---Original Message----- From: Norm Olson [] Sent: Thursday, February 24, 2000 2:19 PM To:


-- S. David Bays (, February 26, 2000.

Thanks for the addy.

Will continue to watch this; have posted it on my forum to spread the word.

-- Obo (, February 26, 2000.

Obo, where is your forum?


-- S. David Bays (, February 26, 2000.

It is a small forum I started last spring to discuss all kinds of issues with more freedom, like in a town square. Not near as big as this one but has several regulars and many lurkers show their presence when something they are passionate about comes up :-)

Come visit- we would be glad to see you.

-- Obo (, February 26, 2000.

Uh oh, here we go again.

Paging Stan Farina!

-- NormWatch (fruit@cake.patrol), February 26, 2000.

The web site for the Temple Baptist Church in Indy is:

-- Y2kObserver (, February 27, 2000.

Perpetual government oppression. More laws, regs, etc. with no end in sight. An oppressive government was thoroughly discussed and of great concern to the Founding Fathers during the Constitutional Convention. I don`t think any of them could have possibly imagined a government as enormous and powerful as the present one. Not to mention, how "We the People" could have allowed such a government to have ever evolved to such a point. I think they truly believed that militias would have risen up and defended the American people long before our current scenario. God help us.

-- NoJo (, February 27, 2000.

If it would be possible I would be at this gathering to support the church. The Clinton/Gore administration will do anything to defy Christian's all over the country, the right to worship and believe in God. You have my support and many of us would love to be there. I have wanted to join a militia for many year's because I believe we will have to stand and defend our Constitution and right of religious belief.

-- Sharon Hoffmann (, February 27, 2000.

I say let the IRS have the silly place. We Christians wouldn't be in situations like this if we would repent of the church building mentality and get back to the Book of Acts where the church met in homes daily to worship and pray and have fellowship. This religion of convience where we have hirelings do our spiritual work and provide a weekly meeting in one of these phony temples isn't biblical. No hirelings means no IRS! Malitas STAY HOME!!!!! This is not God's fight it's the Clinton's and to walk right into it will be a grave mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will be USED by them for their purposes if you make this a place to stand. Pick another time and place to defend the Constitution.


-- Logan (, February 27, 2000.

Although I am not ready to take up arms I realize that we have some serious problems. The problem is Not with the Government. Our government is NOW doing what governments all through history have done. The problem is the Church. God is just now begining to force "His people" to make some choices. These choices, in my opinion, do not involve taking up guns and going down in a blaze of righteous gun fire. I think that the Church (the body of Christ) if you will, needs to realize that it cannot serve two masters. By some of the comments, I suspect that there is not a real grasp of the issues involved.

Does the real church, become the official church, that which is sanctioned by the State, like those "official", government sanctioned churches in China. You see, every time we have an election these days, and every time a legislature is in session (be it city, county, state or Federal) the Church becomes tied, bound, and restricted by more laws. ie:"...has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance." from The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America" (Better known as the Declaration of Independence). Latest down the pike are "hate speech" laws. If the pastor preaches about the sanctity of marriage, as God intended marriage, he now is guilty of hate speech

Yes, pay your taxes. Although according to Article I of the Bill of Rights, I thought churches, as an establishment of religion were beyond the pale as far as government was concerned as far as regulating and tax assessment. ie: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof: or abridging the freedom of speech..." Seems to me that government is doing a dandy job of making laws and abridging freedom of speech as far as churches are concerned but but but but but....they are only LAWFULLY doing it to those churches who incorporate. Those churches who apply for non-profit exemptions through 501(c)(3). In others words, the church goes to the State, gets down on its knees, says: "you will be my Master, I will be your servant-child. I voluntarily give up my rights and you can tell me what verses of the bible are OK to preach and how many bathrooms I need to install and how many homosexuals I must employ. I understand that with each passing day that you will be placing more and more restrictions but that is OK with US because we want to be acccepted by the community and loved by everybody in the world, I'm sure Jesus will understand. After all, didn't Paul tell us to live peaceably and not make waves or something like that?"

The attitude displayed by some of the comments ON THE OTHER THREAD WHICH IS ON THIS SAME TOPIC distress me. Those who in essence say: "let them pay their taxes like you, me and everybody else". It distresses me because something is wrong with this picture. No concern for the dilema that the church is now going to have to face. God is going to force the issue.

I have concluded that all blessings, including freedom to worship comes from God. Forget about the Constitution. The Constitution has been trashed. It is no longer relevant. Our leaders are no longer bound by those chains. Those who flippantly say "let them pay like the rest of us" are guilty of complacency and perhaps guilty of something that Jesus warned us about: lukewarmness. He would rather we be hot or cold. Lukewarm is disgusting and he will spue it out of his mouth.

In other words, God has taken away our freedom and is allowing government to eat out our substance. Soon we will no longer have the freedom to worship how we choose or where we choose. We, on our watch, have abused our freedom, and now God is removing it. Soon, even those who now say, "let them pay like the rest of us" will be forced to worship underground or will form the Compromising Church. Soon, there will be a price on the head of Christians in America as well as world-wide. Those Christians, who will refuse to compromise that is.

As for me, I do not advocate the taking up of guns. That is not the hill I want to die on. That may give me glory in this world but it doesn't give glory to Jesus. Jesus appeared to me in a dream and placed a call on my life. With His sword upraised, (as He did appear to Joshua just before Joshua was to lead the nation Israel into the Promised Land), Jesus said to me: "Give Me the glory". I want to be one of those saints written about in Revelation 6:9-11. That is my prayer. I want to lay down my life, not loving my life even unto death as a witness to and to the glory of my Lord and Master Jesus Christ. Taking up guns to fight off SWATT Teams or the Marines won't do it.

God has shown me that America has become that whore spoken of in Revelation 17 and 18 and by the prophets of the Old Testament. She has become MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. "And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration". Rev. 17:6. America will burn utterly and will be destroyed. But before that, she will lead the charge to eradicate Christians. Not only in America but throughout the world. We have not even begun to see the evil that the whore is capable of. I would rather go down giving glory to Jesus, not bowing to the whore. Not by guns but BY REFUSING the whore who will tell me NOT to worship my Lord and to NOT speak those things that my Lord wants me to tell others about Him.

Rev. 6:9-11 "And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held: And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How ong, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth? And which robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellowservants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, whould be fulfilled."


-- S. David Bays (, February 27, 2000.

Logan said:"I say let the IRS have the silly place. We Christians wouldn't be in situations like this if we would repent of the church building mentality and get back to the Book of Acts where the church met in homes daily to worship and pray and have fellowship. This religion of convience where we have hirelings do our spiritual work and provide a weekly meeting in one of these phony temples isn't biblical. No hirelings means no IRS! Malitas STAY HOME!!!!! This is not God's fight it's the Clinton's and to walk right into it will be a grave mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will be USED by them for their purposes if you make this a place to stand. Pick another time and place to defend the Constitution."

I Agree! ...sdb

-- S. David Bays (, February 27, 2000.

"Logan said:"I say let the IRS have the silly place. We Christians wouldn't be in situations like this if we would repent of the church building mentality..." EXACTLY! I'm all for small groups of families and singles who meet together in fellowship, rotating their meeting places from week-to- week, dealing in cash and barter, caring for their immediate members. No buildings to maintain, no church vehicles, no salaries. Pass the basket for members in trouble. Swap skills and educate the children at home, and buy supplies in bulk.

Think about the possibilities! The gov't can gang up on one church, but it doesn't have the resources to harass many small groups.

Of course, this set up won't work for aspiring full-time religious leaders, whose egos demand a large flock.

-- (, February 28, 2000.

I only have a min. but seems to me I remember several years ago there were zoning laws being passed that prohibitted the gathering of small groups of people on a regular basis in certain areas.

Seems some church groups were having prayer services and singing and the neighbors did not like the singing every week.

Have these laws been repealed?? Can Chrisitans even "lawfully" gather in each others home on a regular basis any longer??


-- Obo (, February 28, 2000.

If one person complains they must discontinue or else the wrath of the local zoning board comes down. I've discovered that this one person doesn't even have to be a nearby neighbor. This solitary complainer can live across town. I've discovered that it doesn't even matter if the one who complains lives in another country. The only thing important to the bureaucrat is that "someone complained". If they can point to a regulation they will not lay off your back until you comply or discontinue.

There is a recent case which I think is still pending. Neighbors complaining about a weekly prayer and bible study gathering in a residential neighborhood. I guess they would prefer gangs and drive- by shootings.


-- S. David Bays (, February 29, 2000.

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