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So I bought the Sony 550 last week along with a Sony Wega, loved it, rented some DVDs, was blown away, then decided to stick in a VCD, gee, what do you know, Jeffrey didn't do his research. Won't play any type of CDR, so it is going back today! I have seen a lot of people suggest the Pioneer 525 for this very reason, is this the way to go? It is a little cheaper then the 550 but I want to make sure I am not losing any features. Thanks! Jeffrey

-- Jeffrey (, February 26, 2000


the Poineer 525 is a very nice machine.i dont know what features you are looking for but it does have a few and is worth getting. So far is onbe of the best (if not the best) dvd players made for vcd playback

-- Doug (, February 26, 2000.

Yes, i agree, the pioneer 525 is the best around. i had a philips 710 and many troubles (video stopping, unable to use navigation functions, etc.) i changed it with the pioneer 525 and all the problems went away ;))))

-- mark almon (, February 28, 2000.

I have the Sony DVP-S530D. It has the same lasers and cd-reading components as the 550. Mine, too, will not read the CDR's that I have tried (I only tested some Imation CDR's). However, it does read some brands of CDRW. I found on some discussion group that Hi-Val cdrw's are readable by my 530. Anyhoo, I ordered some, burned a VCD (with Toast 4) and popped it into the player. I only recorded about 2 minutes worth of video but it seemed to work fine. I might also try the same cd's in other DVD players and compile a list of which ones are compatible. Do you Pioneer fellas know which discs will work in multiple DVD players?

-- Brando (, March 01, 2000.

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