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The Census bureau sent out 120 million misaddressed letters!!! Ya gotta love it!

-- me (, February 26, 2000


Sometimes I look at the gubment and how disorganized and inefficient they are, and it amazes me that anything ever gets done. I wonder about some of these gubment conspiracy theories, but after seeing the effectiveness of some agencies, doubt they could ever get their shit together long enough to conspire about anything....

-- nobody important (, February 26, 2000.

Here's another good story about the whole census thing. I live in a little town in southwest lower Michigan. We were given an estimate of our population change over the past 10 years by the census bureau and they say we have lost population. We have no abandon houses and we have added at least a dozen new homes plus a moble home park that is nearing full and that by itself should nearly double our population. And yes these are all within the city limits.

10 years ago they sent us a preliminary count that looked pretty good to us and a form letter that said if we disagreed with the population figures to fill out the form to start the process of protesting the count. Well we thought we had been given a fair count so we did nothing. Then the official count came back 10% lower and we tried to complain only to be told we were past the point of protesting because we hadn't filled out the form from the estimated count, which we had agreed with.

-- Just passin through (, February 26, 2000.

These Things are happening because of Job Discrimination.Just look of the names of most of them,that have important Jobs.Case in Point"our lovely mistaken Cleaning Lady"!--- The Jerk that runs the Post Office,spends thousands of Dollars on big Signage,telling You that you are walking into a"UNITED STATES"Post Office,(were do we live,in Bangladesh???).He also does not have enough Brains to put at least the Zip Code on the building,AND prints Postage Stamps WITHOUT the Value on it.That of course is done to deceive the Public.This Moron recently asked for another increase in Postage to subsidise all that Junk Mail nobody asked for.and on and on it goes......

-- Cliffhanger (, February 26, 2000.

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