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For over two years this site was dedicated to the Y2K I got to put up with Jerry Springer wanna-be's. There are still y2k issues happening every day. Do you think we could fogo the National Enquirer Shit and get back to real news.....or does that insult the intelligence of this forum?

-- y2k (, February 25, 2000


Hey, shift happens. Most of this is Y2K related, if you'd bother to look. But if you don't like it, go make your own forum. Have a nice day.

-- (, February 25, 2000.

get back to the real story if it is out there ?.search out the truth's and the lies about Y2k. so much seems to be happening yet only a few remain to examine and piece together the jigsaw of lies, all the folks that were here before seem to have disapeared???. how can so many of you turn tail and run for cover surely your not all that shallow???. HOW CAN ALL THE THINGS GOING OFF BE DOWN TO CHANCE.


-- bob (, February 25, 2000.


Show me one single problem happening today due to y2k bugs, and I'll go along with you. Sorry, but I'm not too impressed with the argument that lots of problems are *really* y2k, but they're all being covered up or blamed on something else. Why would anyone want to do that? So far, I haven't seen anyone post even a guess as to why someone would choose to blame a y2k bug on some other problem. What would they possibly have to gain?

I'm quite sure there ARE y2k issues happening every day. There were literally millions of date bugs we never got around to fixing beforehand, so we have to fix them as they happen. But so far, there isn't a single documented case of a date bug causing any significant problem. And as I said, if that's the cause there's no reason on Earth not to document it as such.

-- Flint (, February 25, 2000.

y2k, lighten up. It is Friday night.

-- canthappen (, February 25, 2000.


you must search all the sites and read all the stories all I ask is to examine what is going on so soon after the rollover, (truth,s or lies) I did not state what is happening is down to Y2K but is to much going wrong, more than usual, listen to some of the lame excusses coming out. just examine the info from a non bias stance. is this the norm petrol price hikes??? so soon after rollover???stock market decline so soon after rollover??? more plane incident trian incidents all so soon after rollover. It may not be a big deal to you but if your on a plane and the computer at the tower dont work (so many times so soon after rollover) I hope your carrying a spare pair of pants.


-- bob (, February 25, 2000.


Because of Y2K you are here. Now that is a real and verifiable Y2K problem.

-- justwondering (, February 25, 2000.

HEY FLINT! How ya doing? Thanks for dropping by.

-- JoseMiami (, February 25, 2000.


With all due respect, I must suggest that the bias is your own. Pick ANY date at random, anytime since you were born. Doesn't matter which one. THEN, go back and dig up everything that went wrong, of any kind, anywhere in the world, within 2 months of that random date.

Well, blow me down! LOOK at all those problems! And what was so special about that random date? Well, nothing.

So OK, why does it SEEM that things started going wrong, no matter when you pick? Because something, somewhere, is always going wrong. You are looking at a market decline (which by the way was long predicted and expected) and an oil price rise (also predicted and expected for non-y2k reasons). But don't you see that it *could* have been a major strike, it *could* have been another outfit blowing it on derivatives, it *could* have been just anything. And it always is.

So what you're doing is pointing at the relatively few things that are currently going badly (and there are ALWAYS a few things going badly), and you are conveniently ignoring all the things that are NOT doing badly, including all those doing well. The whole point is, when you tune out everything except the problems, then of course all that's left is the problems. Which is why you'd find them no matter what random date you chose.

Y2k bugs were always of concern because of their systemic nature -- they'd all happen at the same time, and if one system failed because of date bugs, ALL the systems just like it would fail in the same way at the same time. You can't turn around after the fact and claim that y2k bugs are behind random, totally different, nonsynchronized, highly variable aches and pains. The entire POINT of y2k was that date bugs DO NOT work that way. It's the hit-or-miss nature of the problems you cite, combined with their gradual nature (slowly falling market, slowly rising oil prices) when y2k bugs were known to be brittle -- big, sudden, violent and glaring failures, not gradual trends in any way, that ought to make it clear to you that y2k bugs are NOT behind any current problems.

Think about it.

-- Flint (, February 25, 2000.

Nice to see you too, Flint. You are still up to form! (smile).

-- JoseMiami (, February 26, 2000.

Oh Flint, you are so logical. You take the fun out of everything.

-- (, February 26, 2000.

Mr. Flint, There is a very good reason why nobody is attributing these problems to Y2K -- money. Repeat after me, dear...... BUSINESS INTERRUPTION INSURANCE, business interruption insurance, business interruption insurance......

But rest assured, before the insurance companies pay out one red cent to these companies to cover losses from business interruption, their investigators will get to the very bottom of whether or not Y2K played a role. The insurance industry warned their policyholders over a year ago that they will not cover any losses related to Y2K. Therefore, until things are investigated, there are NO Y2K problems. Remember, follow the money.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

-- Daisy Jane (, February 26, 2000.

Flint are you blind, or just forgetfull?? The USA's spy satelite system being down for a few days would be considered *BAD* How about the nuclear reactor problems??? Are those *BAD* enough for you??

Oh, and why -o- why is the price of any OIL product so high RIGHT NOW??

Take off the blinders man....TEOTWAWKI didn't happen...GREAT :) but that doesn't mean that EVERYTHING is great.

-- Brent James Bushardt (, February 26, 2000.

I wonder how long it will be before we see reports of insurance companies rejecting insurance claims for negative effects from Y2k bugs (no, I'm not talking about claims for preparation costs). Personally, I'm not holding my breath.

Despite Brent's long list of *BAD* events, neither I nor anyone that I am aware of is shivering in the dark with guns in hand to protect our food stash from starving hordes. How many pre-rollover predictions were for TEOTWAWKI at the rollover relative to any predictions for slowly accumulating failures over a period of months? There were so many predictions covering the spectrum of possibilities that I imagine you could point to some that support any position you prefer and ignore the ones that don't.

No, everything is not GREAT. But it never has been nor will it ever be. I think if you re-read Flint's post it is summarized better by the previous sentence than "everything is great".

Now this forum is devoted to looking under rocks for Y2k bugs. Any event is regarded as caused by a Y2k bug unless proven otherwise. Any presentation of evidence showing why a particular event could not be caused by a Y2k bug or pointing out that many other causes are available is met with accusations of being liars, corporate shills, etc. The extra reporting by the news media of MD-80 incidents is distorted into being a coverup by TPTB.

I think what we have here is cognative dissonance among those prior to the rollover who accepted with religious-like fervor that TEOTWAWKI was a guaranteed fact and now need to shore up their crumbling belief system. A perusal of the archives of this forum for posts in the months prior to the rollover would provide some examples of this thinking.

-- Mikey2k (, February 26, 2000.


What business is being interrupted? Not oil, not air traffic, not anything I can see. Prices fluctuate, machinery breaks, and the businesses roll along with the punches as always. And I wasn't aware that no claims had been paid to any business this year. Were you?


Don't you ever get tired of this? Nobody ever claimed there would be NO y2k failures, only that they wouldn't affect our daily lives in any significant way. I suspect (again) there have been millions of date bugs we've had to deal with since rollover. Loss of the spy satellite system for 3 days seems to have had no ill effects, and I wasn't aware that a single soul had been inconvenienced by any nuclear mishaps. Do you have a URL for any such?

So if this is all you can come up with, and that's as bad as it gets, you are well and truly grasping not at straws but at the HOPE you might find a straw if you grasp enough.

Hey, a zillion things can go wrong, and given enough time many of them will. And some of them will be pretty damn bad sooner or later. No doubt about it. Computers mishandling date calculations, however, are now out of the picture as the CAUSE of ANY of those problems. For which I think we should all be grateful.

-- Flint (, February 26, 2000.

From: Y2K, ` la Carte by Dancr (pic), near Monterey, California

I think what we have here is cognative dissonance among those prior to the rollover who accepted with religious-like fervor that TEOTWAWKI was a guaranteed fact and now need to shore up their crumbling belief system.

A reading of any of the many polls taken during the years prior to rollover will show that there was always a wide variety of opinion about the likely severity of Y2K problems. Most people did not expect the rollover to be the moment the earth will stand still. For discussions of cognitive dissonance, see:

Coginitive Dissonance (and following)
An Example of Cognitive Dissonance for Doomers
Doomers in Denial
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Do We Cling to Our Beliefs?

-- Dancr (addy.available@my.webpage), February 26, 2000.

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