Abuse of Powers - NSA Satellite System said to spy on US politicians....who else?

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One recurring concern here (and elsewhere!) is the absolute drive for power among the Washington-based Power-that-Be.

Obviously, once more and more powr is concentrated there, safely surrounded by a compliant, happy media willing to conver-up (or conveniently ignore) unpopular or unwelcome stories, then the current freedoms will more and more conveniently vanish into yesteryear.

World authority (enshrined overseas of course, or at least out of the reach of the typical citizen (for you NWO theorists!) is of course much easier - since Washington is also the source of many here in the US who desire world control (by themselves,or thoes that think like them.)

Couple of two things came up today to read more about as data comes available; both indicate this process is accelerating.

The World Court has now declared a US tax rebate program to be illegal - WE are no longer allowed (by the UN and the World Court) to write our own tax laws!!!!! US businesses cannot be taxed by the US government without UN approval apparently.

(Note: This is somewhat simplified, but read the whole story at worldnetdaily.com for the actual details. Also, you be fearful of this UN assumption of control, because the next step is the UN declaring certain products illegal - most likely private ownership of guns. regardless of how you feel about corporate tax systems, the US (any government) must be allowed to tax anybody anyway it wishes.)

Second - now, Drudge is reporting the Echelon spy system (global automatic electronic eavesdropping) has beenused not for international espionage (as during the Cold War or Gulf War) - but to spy on the day-to-day communications of US politicians, and obviously, also on US citizens.

Strictly illegal. But what else is to be expected of this administration?

By the way. Ever wonder exactly how a Democratic couple in FL just happened to hear a private cell phone conversation between Newt and other Republicans a few years ago? (Police scanner - they said.)

But these democrat agents were never prosecuted for eavesdropping ......

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Marietta, GA) (cook.r@csaatl.com), February 25, 2000


Not only was Echelon used to monitor all the phone conversations of members of Congress, but the information was used to blackmail them. Hence, complete control of Congress. That's why Nutey Gingrich was whipped into line. He got a call saying, we know what you're doing...

-- Y2kObserver (Y2kObserver@nowhere.com), February 25, 2000.

Ever the optomist, I find both these stories - Echelon and the tax one - to be siblimly good news.

Cameras on every lamp post watching your every move? No problem if you're doing nothing illegal. Extensive and invasive security measures at airports? No problem.. better then terrorist bombers aboard. Control of the internet? Sure, why not.. make the net safe for little kiddies. You'll never get a congresscritter excited about any of those things.

But turn the snoops eyes and ears on those same congresscritters, and tell them you also aim to control their ability to tax us? Now that just MIGHT get a rise outta them.

Like I said.. an eternal optomist.

-- Linda (lwmb@psln.com), February 25, 2000.

So Bob, what does this mean,no taxreturns?

-- (freeman@interx.net), February 25, 2000.

Someone's definition of heaven: a world of voyeurs and exhibitionists.

-- charlie (cml@workmail.com), February 25, 2000.

Strictly illegal. But what else is to be expected of this administration?

Do you think the present administration has cornered the market on injustice and corruption? Please explain how another Republican presidency would alleviate the situation, and don't forget to mention Watergate, Iran-Contra, Edwin Meese, Spiro Agnew, William Casey, etc etc etc

-- (@ .), February 25, 2000.

Actually the couple in Florida did intercept the conversation between one of the representatives and Gingirch. The representative was driving with his family to Disney World for Christmas.

I think the couple was prosecuted. They probably turned a plea for the state to get off. After all if it was a consipracy who wants the techno-wennies (a couple of Board of Education pukes by the way).

Due to the nature of cellular intercept; however, it is impossible for them to have accidentally intercepted the call. This is because if as they said, they were driving along and intercepted the call, they would have only gotten a very small part of the conversation. It happens that they had a rather long part of the conversation. This indicated that they deliberatly either followed the rep. to the rest stop where he had stopped to let the family take care of business or remained there to collect the entire conversation. Either case makes them evesdroppers and that is prohibited. Then there was the tape. How many people who are running a scanner have it setup to record what they hear?

I wrote a detailed brief for Gingrich the day this incident occured. I explained a bit about the operation of cellular and recommended he switch to digital and encrypted. Didn't hear much more about the incident but I'll bet a bunch of them are running digital cellular now. Of course now there are some iffy clauses in the statutes about whether it is legal to intercept machine generated data. So...

I do believe Gingrich sued the rep. that received the illegal tape. I am not sure how that came out but I would not be surprised if that fellow did not wind up paying a big piece of the fine that they hit Gingrich with.

I don't recommend contacting your favorite congressman with this kind of information though as the brief didn't make me too popular with about half the people who got wind of it... An agent "friend" called that week and practically required me to come up to Arlington. Some trumped up excuse about needing computer work... I wound up getting my picture taken and a recording of my voice was surreptiously collected by some agent stupid enough to say, "Eight ball talkin'" to nobody in particular. Basically, I garnered a hell of a lot of interest for trying to do the right thing. Perhaps if I had been paid to write the brief it would have been worth it... aw, hell, perhaps it was worth it just to see Newt raise hell with Clinton for another year or so.

Bottom line is Washington is a rat hole. One should never send an honest man to Washington because there just aren't enough of them left to waste that way.

-- Michael Erskine (Osiris@urbanna.net), February 25, 2000.

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