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I will be attempting Mont Blanc this August , but have a huge phobia about cable cars. Some years ago, I had a very bad experience in a light aircraft, which has left me extremely hesitant about entering into a restricted area with glass al around, and not on "terra firma" I am absolutely fine in large aircraft,narrow ridges, and heights do not bother me. I know that I have to overcome this phobia to obtain altitude training. Any ideas for overcoming ?

-- Richard Macdonald (, February 25, 2000


A Psychologist who specializes in phobias or cognitive/behavioral forms of treatment.

-- Ronnie Miller (, February 28, 2000.

You do know there are plenty of ways to get up Mont Blanc with out the use of cable cars don't you? It just requires a little more effort, but would probably be good for your trainning

-- Sandy Paterson (, February 29, 2000.

If you're OK in trains, you can take a rack-and-pinion train up to the Eagle's Nest from the valley, and do the standard Gouter route, with no cable cars involved. If you want other ways of gaining a bit of height mechanically in the region, there's also the Montenvers train, which gives access to quite a few high altitude hikes and rock routes.

-- Barney Scott (, April 19, 2000.

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