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For those interested in building more resilient and just communities, I have just published a new edition of my Better Times Webzine on sustainable, simple, frugal, and prudent living.

I've noticed a number of different responses to the events of the past couple of months, my own response has largely been to carry on carrying on, continuing to pile up information that might be useful to me and to others and work on implementation. In a lot of ways this has been a very liberating experience with interesting unintended consequences and surprise blessings (he says looking at his latest $35 winter gas bill, remembering that last winter it was more like $150, and also thinking about how much time he has saved by only going to a grocery store twice since Dec. 31st, even though we've taken 3-5 days worth of groceries via our food pantry outreach to almost 200 people since January 1st).

If you're interested in justice issues, I've also published a new edition of the Justpeace Front Page Webzine .

And I'm rewriting a lot of my Y2k material in the direction of helping people create more sustainable and resilient communities by providing lots of practical them-that's-doin' information. So look for a new set of "printable flyers for distribution encouraging sustainable communities" sometime in the next month or so.

Robert Waldrop ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Oscar Romero Catholic Worker House in Oklahoma City

-- robert waldrop (, February 24, 2000


Great stuff, Robert - Thanx.

-- BigDog (, February 25, 2000.

Thanks Robert,
That's a great selection of links. It will
keep me busy browsing for some time. :-)

-- spider` (, February 25, 2000.

I hope you do enjoy them. The file in which I stash material for this webzine is still bulging, over 500 websites waiting to be visited and (briefly) annotated. And more arrives everyday. I need to recruit a whole scriptorium full of monks, but in the meantime, the inbox assistant is a real blessing. I get a lot of my information from listservs that I subscribe to, plus my site's been around long enough and gets enough traffic that people send me information directly.

-- robert waldrop (, February 29, 2000.

Robert, Thank You soooo much for that gem. I was in there a long time, Bookmarked it to visit again (and again, and again)! :)

-- Info (, March 02, 2000.

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