Where is Gary North?

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Please do not reply if you have nothing appropriate to say. I have been following this board and Gary North for nearly two years. I have been concerned lately that he may have fallen ill. Does anyone know why Gary North hasn't posted since January 4

-- steve vaughn (billw86@aol.com), February 24, 2000


Feb 4 you mean? The .gov article?

-- Hokie (Hokie_@hotmail.com), February 24, 2000.

Yes. Thank You. It was February 4th.

-- steve vaughn (billw86@aol.com), February 24, 2000.

North proposed to shutdown his latest links page if there were no Y2K news stories or anecdotal reports to post. As things stand, with PRECIOUS FEW EXCEPTIONS, all the glitch stories, pipeline shutdowns, refinery outages, MD-80 emergency landings, internet outages, phone problems, popping manhole covers, are not being reported as Y2K - related (whether or not they may be) and this leaves North without material worthy of his journalistic criteria: i.e. he likes to link to real stories.

Bascially, he's in the same position we are: can't confirm or verify that any of the disruptions we now (think we) are witnessing, are attriburtable to Y2K, so he has no material. Furthermore, having stuck his neck out so far, he has extra incentive to try to recapture (seemingly) lost credibility by not indulging in any speculations about possible causation of wierd events.

In a certain sense, the ball -- if there is a ball -- is in the TB2000 court. My guess is that North checks in here a few times a week. I believe he did us all a tremendous service; but just as we may at times agonize over the wisdom of our preps or expenses invested in them, he has probably put himself through mental contortions follwoign the rollover. My guess anyway.


-- Squirrel Hunter (nuts@upina.cellrelaytower), February 24, 2000.

If you want to know, try asking him at Gnorth@bigfoot.com. He sent out a good reality check newsletter a while ago and he was doing a bible study for burned out Christians. So maybe he is "burned out." I wrote to him once about something back before Y2K and he wrote back.

I still thank God every time I think of the guy. He was used to open a lot of folks eyes in a lot of ways. It was wierd how much hostility he endured. That can take a toll on anybody. I think if we were hearing the whole truth about embeddeds in the oil industry it would prove him a lot closer to the truth than many folks would like to admit. Too early yet to say how all this will play out.

-- carolyn (carolyn@luvmy.hub), February 24, 2000.

Well, if Gary checks in quite often then he will read this. Hi, Gary.

-- Mr. Nugget (catsbutt@umailme.com), February 24, 2000.

I'm curious too, but considering the time he spent on it last year, he deserves a bit of a vacation

-- hunchback (quasimodo@belltwor.com), February 25, 2000.

If Gary is like any of us who put 110% into preparedness, not just for our own family but as many as would be also prudent and wise, then, I am sure he is taking a much needed break from all of it... I come here to get refreshed myself... being able to converse with other wise and prudent people (aside from the not so wise and not so prudent denial crowd) helps me to gather thoughts from others and information that upgrades my preparations and allows me to find other ways of helping others... since being prepared it is good that now I can help others who couldn't quite get prepared in time... it was good that things didn't fail all at the same time... this slow collapsing of the infrastructure has given us much more information and tools to build a stronger preparedness culture. As for those who still talk out the side of their neck and say there is no new material about a failing economy, computer failures related to y2k and eminent hard times ahead, they shall wake up someday and have no where to go and nothing to sustain themselves and family except they will have something to look back on... a lot of months of bad mouthing the wise because they didn't want to look foolish! Gary North is a servant and wise man to heed 1 Timothy 5:8... and if he is conducting a Bible study for "burnt-out" Christians... atleast he is accomplishing more in that than the burnt-out fools... Anyway, I think it better to be burnt-out now than burnt later... burnt-out now means you have been working too hard... Burnt-out later means that you're going to have to work to survive the times ahead while watching the wise and prudent living content and productively. Way to go Gary!!!...thanks from all of us who you encouraged and informed...

Do not grow weary of doing good!

-- S BRyan G (sbrg3@juno.com), February 25, 2000.

While Gary North had his fair share of critics he also had a fair share of avid readers who appreciated his work and commentary. I for one woke every day for approximately 18 months, intentionally early with coffee in hand to explore his postings. I owe him a debt of gratitude if for no other reason than he gave me an education on how the world really functions, probably moreso than my all my 50 years of accumilated knowledge. I still go to his website once each day to check for a new posting. Whatever the reason is for his conspicious absence I do believe that he should make a periodic posting and/or comment at least for the benefit of his loyal readers.

-- Ron Withers (rgwithers@hotmail.com), February 25, 2000.

Gary North predicted that oil prices would rise sharply due to Y2K events. He also warned of a stock market fall.

He was dead wrong as of January 2, 2000. Haven't checked the two lately...

What has happened?

-- Joseph Almond (sa2000@webtv.net), February 25, 2000.

Squirrel Hunter- I agree wholeheartedly with your GN assessment. He will not commit without confirmation. Who can blame him. God bless you Gary.

-- NoJo (RSKeiper@aol.com), February 25, 2000.

Joseph, Well I'll be!!!! What has happened to oil prices and the stock market? Looks like Gary was "AliveRight!" Dead Wrong is such a cruel way to speak about the coherent living!

-- S BRyan G (sbrg3@juno.com), February 25, 2000.

INFOMAGIC: "Y2K is the trigger and the economy is the tartet, stupid". The bullet hasn't left the gun yet.

I'm still saying the ITs have it held together with duct tape and coat hangers. It could be a couple more months.

-- john (littmannj@aol.com), February 25, 2000.

Hi, Gary.

Hope you're enjoying a vacation of some sort.

The farm is great and Spring is showing its signs. The city is still crowded, noisy, and stinky. Once a week I'm over there, and I'm the first one on line for the ferry back home. Thanks.

-- jor-el (jor-el@krypton.uni), February 25, 2000.

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