A Hug For The Enemy

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Sen. McCain stunned onlookers at the hearing when he rushed forward to the witness table and warmly embraced Bui Tin as if he was a long, lost brother.

"Was that hug for Bui Tin, a Vietnamese official responsible for the torture of some American prisoners of war, a message 'please don't give them my records?'" one activist questioned at the time.

In any case, many of McCain's fellow Vietnam War POWs were aghast, not to mention former POWs of World War II and Korea, who could, only in some instances after decades, forgive but never forget the inhumanity of their captors--certainly not to the point of embracing them.

Shortly thereafter, as a direct result of Sen. McCain's lobbying of other Republican Senators, Usry, a distinguished Vietnam veteran, and all other members of the Minority Staff, who had participated in the POW/MIA investigations, were abruptly fired.

If the Senate Select Committee finds it pertinent to investigate alleged instances of "fraud" by POW/MIA activists, then certainly, by even the most liberal standards, the charge of collaboration with the enemy by a "high-ranking naval" officer should be investigated just as seriously as were the charges against Marine Private Robert Garwood, the only American POW charged and convicted of this crime.

-- Joel (joel@1.com), February 24, 2000


Anyone else have a funny feeling that we're skating on a real deep pond while the temp. runs up past freezing?

-- SomethingsNot (QuiteRight@Here.com), February 24, 2000.

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