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I am interested in advice on archival mounting of prints to be framed. Up to 18" x 24" I have been simply using archival tape and taping the print to an archival mat board backing, which I then secure to a window mat via a tape hinge. I understand this is the currently preferred archival method.

For larger prints of 20" x 30" (matted to about 30" x 40") and 27" x 40" (matted to about 42" x 55"), I fear that tape will not be strong enough to hold them. Thus, I am considering either glue mounting the prints (through special adhesives that are considered the "most" archival available although not truly archival)or dry mounting them.

I am having LightJet Prints made on Fuji Crystal Archive Paper.

Am I correct that 20" x 30" prints are too heavy simply to tape to an archival backing and with a window mat on top? (This would be the easiest thing for me to do.) Assuming I am correct, then what is the preferred "archival" method of mounting this size of prints? I personally will not be doing the mounting, but wonder which service is the best to purchase.

Thanks for your help. Howard.

-- Howard Slavitt (, February 24, 2000


Howard, I have my LightJet prints mounted on plexiglass. I wouldn't use board or foamcore; sometimes the mounting machine leaves impressions.

-- John Costo (, February 24, 2000.

i always use linen tape T-type hinges. for larger print sizes, i use more than two hinges. no hinging can be considered "permanent", but it is still the preferred manner of mounting for museum purposes. for prints larger than 11x14, i use 8-ply backs and fronts (100% rag museum board).

-- jnorman (, February 24, 2000.

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