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Hi Dave, Congratulations on getting this up and running! I'd like to put something in the newsletter about the web site.

1. When will the other links be available?

2. What do you see as the main purpose of the website?

3. How did you get the job of doing the website?

4. Will you continue to administer the website after it is done? What is involved in this administration?

5. Anything else of interest?

6. Who does this e-mail go to?

-- Barbara Finley (, February 24, 2000


1) I have just added the March newsletter to the site. As the newsletters are written, they can be easily added to the site. The nore information we can provide to the viewing public the more interest we will generate.

2) I see the main purpose of this site as informational. I want to provide as many public speaking resources as possible to the public.

3) I got the job of webmaster by volunteering.

4) Yes I will continue to administer the web site after it is done. My hope is that the administration of the web site will involve adding more newsletters and other resources like URLs and recordings of speeches given by our members.

5) Not yet, but this website is in a state of evolution.

6) This is not e-mail, this is a bulletion board. Very similiar to the one used in a lunch room for posting employee rules and regulations. Anything placed here is ot sent, it is posted for everyone to see.

-- David N. (, April 22, 2000.

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