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Mrs. (Colleen) Mulligan, our beloved school secretary, has finished compiling the school directory of students/parents phone numbers, etc. As I understand it, said directory will now be published in a "hard copy" version, as soon as she has a scan of the winning artwork for South Arbor's new mascot, a falcon.

Even so, I managed to wrestle [grin] same from her today on floppy disks, so that we might all be able to access this very important directory in a format easily used for copying and pasting into our various letters, etc.

Having been uploaded, formatted and "hotlinked" according to last name, the South Arbor Parent/Student Directory can now be accessed here online. Please bookmark this for future reference. And, in case you forget, please try to remember that the password to this secured forum is:


Here is the hotlink:

South Arbor Student/Parent Directory

Please pass the word!


Mrs. B.

-- Anonymous, February 23, 2000

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