Q&A part 1 The Inhabited Woman

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1. Why do you think Felipe didn't pursue Lavinia to be removed from the 'Movement'? 2. Why doesn't Lavinia introduce Felipe to Adrian and Sara?

-- Anonymous, February 23, 2000


In response to your first question, let me pose two of my own. 1.What right would Felipe have to request her removal from the movement? and 2. Do you really thing Latvia would have obeyed any order like that knowing it came from Felipe? I really think Felipe was glad to have her be part of the movement after he got used to the idea. This shows in the fact that he went to her to take his place. He knew she was qualified. Besides, he would have known of all people that Latvia was her own woman. She wasn't typical of the submissive women of their culture. She knew what she wanted, and she got it. Even if he would have requested her removal, I believe she would have fought it tooth and nail.

-- Anonymous, November 14, 2000

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