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Mumsie asked a question in a post, below, about McCain's past.....I found the article I remembered, which is quite chilling. I wish I were able to do links, but for anyone who wants to read it, check out www.sightings.com and go to Keyword Search (since the article is now in the archives.) Type in John McCain, and it takes you to several articles about him. The first one ("The McCain Revolution....Vote....it may be Illegal in 2004" is very enlightening about this man's past.

-- Jo Ann (MaJo@Michiana.com), February 23, 2000


Sunday, November 9, 1997; Page A22

"when asked in August if he wanted to be president, "I prefer to be emperor."

Emperor McCain

This guy sounds worse than Clinton!

-- Powder (Powder47keg@aol.com), February 23, 2000.

Here is the sightings search engine link

Here is that first story about revoking medals issue

-- links (areeasy@to.make), February 23, 2000.

After reading Sightings, it has become clear to me that McCain is a traitorous Communist controlled two headed Elvis clone's alien love child. I must go now; our Space Cetacean brethren have need of me.

-- _ (_@_._), February 23, 2000.

If Voting made any difference...it would be illegal!

Quit supporting the US Federal Corporation.

Go to http://www.gemworld.com/USAvsUS.htm

It's time to bring back the organic Constitution for usA!

-- Eagle Feather (links2u@hotmail.com), February 23, 2000.

Before Yeltsin stepped down from power a way was devised to nullify elections in Russia. The Duma rushed through a bill that included "none of the above" on the ballot. Should this third choice recieve more votes than either of the candidates the election is declared null and void and another is to be held. Yeltsin signed this bill on his last day in office. We here in the USSA should be so lucky. (from Chuck Missler) nancy

-- NH (new@mindspring.com), February 23, 2000.

I like None of the Above...

-- Mara (MaraWayne@aol.com), February 23, 2000.

I just came back here from the sightings link offered above, and am now more favorably impressed than ever with John McCain. If you bother to read through the entire thing, then it will come as a burst of light on the Manchurian Candidate theory, explaining the aftermath and the DEprogramming. If the entire material is true, then this is someone who cannot be bought or intimidated and who is strong enough to stand up to machines, and to Bush and Gore's powerful ones.

Personally, in these uncertain times I want someone very, very tough and strong, and who tells it like it is, and who understands the military needs of this country from the insider's perspective (not like the current draft dodger or the two wuss's who got the soft jobs in the "military" and who are running against him). I think this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to choose someone who can and will change things, and give the country back to the American people. (IF 'they' don't assassinate him.)

-- Elaine Seavey (Gods1sheep@aol.com), February 23, 2000.

Yep, I feel comfortable with a man who "prefers to be emperor" than president. Sure.

-- Powder (Powder47keg@aol.com), February 23, 2000.

Jeez, folks- don't cha know that McCain is a jokester?? He laughs a lot, and gives answers like this all the time. He specifically told his campaign folks that he wanted this campaign to be fun. What a concept, loving what you do. Personally, I find him refreshing.

-- Strider (Strider@midearth.com), February 23, 2000.

Yep, strider. Whatever anyone may think of him, he actually is a funny man, engaging in a lot of light-hearted bantering with his audience. I saw him today at a town hall meeting at Gonzaga University. For his introduction, he had the Star Wars theme music (in honor of his Luke Skywalker joke). In the Q and A period he briefly did an Elvis impersonation..."Thank ya, thank ya verra much", accompanied by his chuckling. Still don't know who, or if, I will vote. But, no doubt about it, McCain is a likeable man.

-- (RUOK@yesiam.com), February 23, 2000.

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