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I agree with the notion of the end of all that we do will be the good that men seek. Throughout everything we do there is a goal to be attained. Why do we study?to master the material and/or do well on the exam.

I agree with the notion that states "{f}or the thing we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them." This idea redefines the best method of learning, which is through practice. The only way to become a better baseball player is to practice playing baseball.

Following up on my second point of agreement, Aristotle states that "it is from the same causesthat every virtue is both produced and destroyed." I agree with that notion because through practice, though someone may develop a skill better, others may develop bad virtue. An example would be the potential baseball player who practices continuously but, after practice is terminated, is a bad baseball player.

I disagree with the notion that "for nothing that exists by nature can form a habit contrary to its nature." If this were true how would Aristotle attempt to answer the reason why a young duckling strays away from its mother at a young age? This habit seems contrary to a duckling's nature of following closely to its mother at a young age.

I disagree with the notion that "both art and virtue are always concerned with what is harder; for even the good is better when it is harder." The "good" is not always better when it's harder. When an athlete is victorious, and that athlete used less skill in the competition, that athlete still may feel a "better good" than if the victory was "harder."

Finally, I disagree with the notion that "happiness must be placed among those desirable in themselves, not among those desirable for the sake of something else." The father who works a second job just to pay his son's college tuition is an exception to the aforementioned rule. The father works for the "sake of something else," which would be his son.

-- Anonymous, February 22, 2000

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