Flocks of birds

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Does anyone know the answer to the following question? (this is strictly a matter of curiousity; I don't know where to look for the answer to this question)

When a flock of birds is flying around, how do they all fly in the same direction? Does one bird lead the flock, or do they all turn at the same time, etc., because they are phsycic. Is the question clear? You know when you see a huge flock of birds moving in unison, right? You know how the entire flock swooshes to and fro and stuff? How does a couple hundred birds all know to turn at the same time?

I think a similar situation is a school of fish. However, I only see fish on TV, whereas I see birds all the time in real life.

If you have any idea where to look for the answer, then post your idea below. If you know the answer for sure, please provide a something to back it up.

-- Kent B. (kberry@texas.net), February 22, 2000

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