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Just thought that I would post a note here to let all of our forum regulars know that Y2K & Beyond will be offline for the next couple of hours or so. It seems that the ISP that hosts our website has had some sort of telco equipment failure. They are in the process of replacing the equipment and will have us back online shortly.

I want to emphasize that this was NOT A HACKER OR SPAMMER ATTACK. Just a mundane, run of the mil, everyday equipment failure. No drama or suspense here. No glitz no glamour. (I'm not speaking for the techies that are working on it though!)

Sorry for the inconvenience, and I will post it here when we are back online!

Thanks and see you all at the safe haven soon!

;o) Lisa

-- LZach (lisa@texasnetworks.com), February 21, 2000



-- Casper (c@no.yr), February 21, 2000.


-- Sorry its not up (but@westillHave.timebomb!!!), February 21, 2000.

Thank you Lisa.

-- Dee (T1Colt556@aol.com), February 21, 2000.

:( .... see ya in a minute then! :)

-- S BRyan G (sbrg3@juno.com), February 22, 2000.

Thanks. I was wondering what was up..... or down, as the case may be.

-- The Postman (Collecting@the.box), February 22, 2000.

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