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Feb 21,2000-12:43 P.M.

By Scott Stoddard

Associated Press Writter


Tokyo(AP)-Takayuki Sunamura's gas station is getting squeezed. With the doubling of global crude prices over the last year,his supplier is charging him more for gasoline,but customers refuse to pay more at the pump and often go searching for lower prices that are available in the city.


Now,aside from shrinking profits at some filling stations,where gas typically cost the equivalent of $3.28 a gallon,there are few signs of economic pain.

-- Maggie (song, February 21, 2000


It hasn't hit the economy yet, but it will. Higher transportation costs will be passed on the the consumer....Takayuki's competitors may not have passed on the increases yet - they are getting their profits from selling convenience items like some stations do here, but they will pass on the increase eventually.

-- JOHN (LITTMANNJ@AOL.COM), February 21, 2000.

The reason I posted these snips was to show the price of gas in Japan and to show that even with gas being so high the newspaper was saying over and over again--no problem. It's as if by repeating this people would actually believe it.

-- Maggie (song, February 21, 2000.

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