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Excerpt from article: "Current law treats computer hackers like harmless 'thrill seekers' when in reality they are reckless drivers on the information superhighway," Hutchison said"


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-- Birdlady (Birdlady@nest.home), February 21, 2000

Answers 2/18/hacklaw0218_01.html

-- I'm Here, I'm There (I'm Everywhere@so.beware), February 21, 2000.

all hackers are doing is pointing out weaknesses in the shambolic entity called the www they should be praised it is typical of the legal mind that all they can think of is to increase the punishment rather than address the real problem i.e. to provide secure and reliable systems for people to use

-- dick of the dale (, February 21, 2000.

The only double penalties should be for those who have our trust - - like L.A. cops and your, too often, politican

-- Depity Dog (hot@the.trail), February 21, 2000.

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